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Haunted? (1)

Caleb Gulick, KY, USA
January 2001

Hello and a Happy New Year. I have a collection of happenings that have occurred in my home. I will relay the events to you. Belive what you want. I am not sure it is actually haunted, but you make the choice.

This first event happened to my brother. It was a school day and he left his shoes in front of the couch. The couch is next to my parent's bedroom and you can see directly into the room from the edge of it. (Important!) He grabbed his shoes and looked into the room. The lights were off. Standing at the end of the bed, was a rather tall man. He was extremely skinny (ribs showing through the skin like Andersonville). He immediately ran to our dining room with our mother. I didn't believe him at first and asked him about it. He said he could make out shoulders and chest. He could see hands and face but couldn't make out facial features.

Another incident happened to my brother. We used to have separate rooms, now we share (but not because of the incident). When you enter his room, the threshold would creak. He was lying in bed one night and heard the creak of the wood. He looked up, thinking it was our dog, but saw nothing. It went on for many nights. We now have the door closed, and no noise has happened. It was very frightful for him. The room is a very creepy room. When you are in it you have the feeling that someone is watching you. There are no cold spots, but it is a very creepy place. We live in a one story house and the room used to be my dad's Civil War Memorabilia room.

I have three more incidents.

I was sleeping in my room, when I awoke to a very loud and very hard bang on the top part of my door. It was extremely loud and the whole door shook. I thought it was my cat jumping up there, but my animal was nowhere in the room. Naturally I became very scared. The door wobbled as if a human hand had done it. I am still sorta skeptical that maybe it was my imagination and I was tired. You never know. But the door moved.

My other incident occured a couple months ago. I was lying awake in bed and the light from the computer was shining in my room and illuminating the blinds. I was looking at the blinds and all of a sudden, I saw a top part of a head. It wasn't floating, my air conditioner was at the bottom of the window, so it was partially blocked. But, I saw the head bobb across as if a child was walking along. I naturally thought it was my brother and went to his room to see him. He was asleep,so I woke him up and told him. He came to my room and he went to bed there (hey, I was scared!!)

My final incident happened to both me and my brother. We were sleeping in our bunk beds when I heard a rustle of paper in the room next to us. There is a door in our room that goes to the adjacent room. I looked to it and saw a piece of plastic paper rustling. I then heard a very deep but muffled moan. This sounds ridiculous and even I find it hard to believe it. I actually don't think I heard it, but I heard something. I woke my brother up and we grabbed some weapons. I grabbed an arrow and my brother grabbed a coat hanger. We walked to the room and looked in. On the far wall there was a clipboard hanging on the wall. My brother put it there. It was swinging back and forth on the wall. We got scared and ran to my mom's room to sleep there. We left the lights on and she told us not to worry about it.

Thank you for reading this story. I am very skeptical about the incidents. I am an avid ghost lover, but the incidents here seem strange.

Thank you,and I apologize for the length of the story.

What's your opinion?

Caleb Gulick, KY, USA
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