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Haunted 5.5 acres

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
February 2002

I grew up as a hunter and married into a family of hunters. The 5.5 acres is part of a larger tract of land (95 acres) owned by my side of the family. So we had permission to hunt the land. This story is about 2 experiences, one mine, one my stepson J.

It is October early 1990's and Deer season won't begin till November. My stepson and I decided to scout the way the deer run, the ground scrapes and rubs on the trees. We entered that section of the woods we later named the Haunted 5.5 Acres. We stepped over a old stone fence and immediately the atmosphere seemed to thicken.

Suddenly I began to hear children's voices which sounded like they were playing. As we walked deeper into the woods, I began to feel sick to my stomach, a panic came over me and the childrens voices became louder and all around me. I began to run and told J. "I have to get out of here!!" As I was running through the woods, the attack wasn't actually on my physical body per say, it felt like it was an attack on my soul that something was trying to rip my soul apart!

Finally, I made it out of the woods and onto the dirt road! I had waited on the road for J. to catch up with me. He said, "What the H#ll got into You?!!!" I just told him I started to get sick in there and had to get out!

Finally deer season opened. I went to another part in the woods, my husband another, and you guessed it, J. went into the 5.5 Acres!! Later, we were all to meet at a certain spot and he was really shaken up as he told us this encounter:

J. walked into the woods sat down on a rock, and prepared to wait for a deer to come along. As he sat there he began to hear the voices of children playing. The Children sounded close by but he couldn't see them and was just about to get up and go find them and tell them they shouldn't be playing in the woods during hunting season! As he was listening to the voices, a maple sapling (inch around) began moving in a circular motion as if children were running around it and grabbing it with their hands, playing tag, Laughing and saying your it!! No Physical children could be seen! Thats when he left and hot footed it out of there!

Later, in the spring J. and I went to the spot he had his encounter at and set up 2 tape recorders with fresh batteries. They worked no problem before we went in to set them up to see if we could record the phenomena. The recorders wouldn't run in that section of woods. So we gave up.

My impression of this section of woods is that it may be one of those places where columns of negative energy are emitted from the earth and negative spirits are drawn to. To this day I avoid the 5.5 acres.

Regina Mathews, NY, USA
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