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Haunted Apartment (1)

Lynne, Washington, USA
April 1998

I was the Manager of an apartment community that was only about 12 years old. It was built in a "rougher" neighborhood so there were several incidents of violence and such that happened before and during my stay - I am still sure they are happening now. There was one apartment however,that I had a terrible time keeping occupied and one day I found out why.

I was going through the archived files and found a file for this apartment dated back to 1989 and the contents explained alot. The apartment was rented by a man that was a known drug dealer and pimp and he was found dead one day by maintenance. He had been shot in the head. There were pictures in the file of blood on the walls and various damages from the murder including the stained carpet. What I found very strange about all of this was that the tenants that had just moved out, a woman and her husband, had told me they were leaving because she was being repeatedly raped and beaten by a ghost in the apartment. She had shown me pictures of bruises and scratches on her body. Her husband said he was attacked once in the middle of the night. He said he woke up feeling someone choking him and again produced pictures of bruises around his neck. Well, at the time I chalked it up to two more people, probably on several drugs,trying to get out of their lease. But after they moved I went into the apartment to look around and now I'm not so sure. As you walk in you go directly to the living room and to the left is the bedroom, kitchen and bath. I don't know if it was my imagination or what but it was terribly cold in this apartment. Mind you this is the middle of July on a 2nd floor apartment it should have been hot as hell. Anyway, I looked into the bathroom noting things that would need to be repaired, and as I left the toilet flushed! I don't know enough about ghosts to know if they use the bathroom but I'll tell you what, I didn't appreciate this unseen persons sense of humor. Anyway, I decided to leave before my imagination took anymore control and as I walked toward the door I saw something from the corner of my eye on the wall. This was not there before and was not there when I sent the maintenance man back in, there was blood all over the place! I ran out and like I said sent maintenance back over. He felt nothing and saw nothing and assured me that toilets could flush if the little parts inside are off balance or whatever. Off balance or not, I saw what I saw and I never went back in there. I left that property shortly after and never told the owners or anyone else for that matter. Since then I've managed 3 other properties and have never felt or seen anything like it since.

Lynne, Washington, USA
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