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Haunted Apartment in Hollywood

Bill, CA, USA
August 2002

My wife and I had moved to Hollywood and made the mistake of moving into a building that did not suit us (too noisy, a friend was shot in a driveby, fortunately survived) and we needed to find someplace better to live.

We met another couple who told us of a vacancy in their building. It was a small apartment building with just eight units. But the apartments themselves were very large, with intricate moldings and beautiful hardwood floors.

The building was designed with a Spanish style and the original owner was a world renowned crooner, who had built it for visiting band members or cast members, depending on his project at the time.

We lived here happily for a time, then one evening someone was shot right out our front door. I helped the man and he survived but we had a large window that we spent the evenings sitting by, my wife or myself could have been easily shot.

It so happens that the couple who lived over our ground floor unit were getting married and moving up north so we jumped at the chance to move upstairs (we loved the building) but were warned by them that some "weird stuff" goes on there. And so it begins...

We went to the couples beautiful wedding and reception and then went home to our ground floor apartment (they were moving after the honeymoon). That night we heard a terrible argument, a woman upstairs was hysterical and screaming about not being loved by the man, who we assumed was also there (we could only hear her).

After a while it seemed to be over and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day I asked another neighbor if they heard the terrible fight but he said no and that the apartment was empty. No one was staying there and the couple was away on their honeymoon. As a matter of fact he was feeding their cat. So we went in and had a look around at the apartment and the only one there was the cat..

Despite our feelings of caution, we moved into that upstairs unit. As soon as we did strange things began happening.

Both my wife and myself would hear our names called, but it was never either one of us or anyone else we could see. Our cats would sit in the foyer and stare at one place and occasionally play as though someone were dangling a string, but the space was empty.

My wife and I are happily married but in this apartment we argued often and there was a sense of anger there that I can not describe.

The previous tenants came back for a visit and told us of their experience's and after the knowledge we gained of the apartment it then became an unpleasant place to live.

Things would be lost then show up after a time. Drawers would open on their own. We would both be awoken in the middle of the night to see a white mist forming at our bedroom door.

We never looked in the mirror late at night, knowing what we might see.

As time passed the spirit became more and more oppressive, we tried burning certain incenses we had gotten from a spiritual shop, but it only helped for a short time. Finally we had had enough and moved.

It turns out that in the 1930's or 40's a young woman was in love with a married man and he decided to end the affair one night after a terrible argument. He left and was killed in a car accident. She then killed herself that night in the foyer of that apartment, just outside the bedroom door.

Too bad Bing couldn't help.

Bill, CA, USA
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