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Haunted Camper

Carrie Pratt, USA
August 2006

When I was around ten or eleven years old, I went on a little camping trip with my dad and my grandpa. The camper we stayed in was located on the property my dad had grown up on.There was a house not very far from the camper. It was the house where my dad grew up, and where my grandparents lived until they died. My uncle had been staying in the house and told us the lights in the camper would turn on by themselves. My dad thought he was just making it up, I don't think he was. We stayed in the camper anyway.

That night we went to bed around eleven o'clock. It must have been three am when I woke up to the sound of my uncle's dogs barking franticly. I saw my grandpa walk over to the camper door. He opened the door and asked if anyone was there?. I thought it must have been an animal, so I went back to sleep.
The next morning we were eating breakfast and my grandpa told my dad and I that there was a woman knocking on the camper door last night. He said he heard her say "Its Mariam Grandma, let me in". My dads grandma's name was Mariam and she died on that property when my dad was a child.There was no way my grandpa could have known this as he was my mom's dad and didn't know who my dads grandparents were or their names.Thats why I think this was a real encounter with the other side.
And I never slept in the camper again.

Carrie Pratt, USA
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