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Haunted Cemetery

New York, USA
July 2000

First let me explain that although I have only had a slight encounter I feel you should know every detail of this story.That is why I will tell you every small peace of information I can muster up.

Theres is a small cemetery in Port Byron, New York that I have heard to be haunted.The name of the cemetery is Pine Hill.Many OLD gravestones are found in the area and the whole cemetery is believed to be haunted by numerous apparitions. One famous ghost in the cemetery is the ghost of a Murder. I am getting ahead of myself so I shall tell you why this person is called a murderer.

This person, I have not found the name of HIM yet, was supposedly drunk while this happened.The man took his mother and sister- as I have heard...this may not be true so dont accuse me if you know a different version, and stabbed his mother and sister reputedly about 20 times in the far back of the graveyard.The man felt so guilty that he returned to the killing area the same night and shot himself dead through the right temple.

The locals of this area, including myself, have seen the re-murder of the 2 people in the far back of the cemetery....some have also repeated to come into contact with the mother/sister....Some even say the mother or sister is trying to tell them of something else that happened.

I know this story DID happen because I have asked locals about it and 9 out of ten have told me the same story which I am referring to now.

I myself am a young researcher of the paranormal.not under a job license.I am to young to obtain a job but I do this for fun.I have tried to make numerous contacts with the spirits of pine hill but to this day have only had 3 encounters of a black fog and a voice I have on EVP somewhere on this computer.

I believe this is enough information for ghost hunters to study off of and I invite anyone who wants to to look into this story...Just watch out for the grave digger.He doesn't like people even visiting graves on his property.I have been thrown out countless times while trying to research.

Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.

New York, USA
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