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Haunted Central Jersey Apartment

New Jersey, USA
October 1999

Ialways considered myself somewhat of a skeptic and having a scientific mind about paranormal subjects, but after moving into an apartment in a 150 year old house I had to start thinking twice about such matters.

It all started not too long after my girlfriend and I moved in. I was home alone in the spare bedroom unpacking various cartons. I had left the room briefly to answer the phone and upon my return I found the door to the spare room shut. I went to open the door but found that it wouldn't budge. Pushing harder, the door grudgingly gave way. When I was able to get into the room I found that a heavy box of stereo equipment had become lodged against the door from the inside, empty room. I distinctly remember that box being in the middle of the room, at least eight feet from the door. To this day I still can't figure that one out.

On another occasion I heard a loud noise from the living room. Going to investigate I found a large picture had come off the wall and was laying about ten feet from where it was hung, with the nail it hung on another five feet further away. Again there was no one in the room where this happened.

Then there was the moving candlesticks. We had a nice pair of crystal candlesticks I had bought for romantic dinners.They were set up evenly spaced on top of the fridge. One day I noticed they were sitting right next to each other in the left hand corner. Not thinking much I just moved them back, only to see them back in the corner a day later. Again I moved them back, asking my girlfriend if she had moved them. She stated that she didn't know anything about the sticks since we only used them on special occasions anyway. Every so often the candlesticks would move and I would move them right back. Once in a while I would try to keep vigilant and go back and forth into the kitchen and try to catch whatever was going on in the act but no dice. It seems they only moved when I wasn't paying attention for a couple of days.

We also heard plenty of strange, unexplained noises eminating from that apartment. One noise in particular used to really bother us quite a bit. At least a dozen times in the few years we lived there a loud thud would wake us in the middle of the night. It sounded like a some kind of large object like a telephone book falling from the ceiling and landing at the foot of the bed. We would turn the lights on every time but there was never anything to be seen.

We ended up leaving that apartment after buying our own place but I never found out the history of that place. Again, having a skeptical mind I wouldn't have thought twice about something strange going on there if these things only happened once, but all of them together really makes me wonder sometimes.

New Jersey, USA
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