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Haunted Clock (1)

Lynn Avery, British Columbia, Canada
September 1999

I am the fourth owner of a grandfather clock that was first purchased by my grandmothers brother approximately 100 years ago.

Great Uncle Telemac was a man of wealth, who could neither read nor write, but went on to start one of the largest insurance companies to date. When he passed away the great clock stopped, and no amount of coaxing would get it to start again. It sat in the dining room of his house in Montreal Quebec, and when the family was gathered around the dining room table to hear the reading of the will the clock started again with no outside influence.

The clock is a seven foot tall unit that has a series of three weights that have to be pulled up by chains to wind it. When my grandmother Blanche died it again stopped working, and would not start. My mother was given the clock by her sister, and had the clock shipped a thousand miles to her house. For weeks the clock would not run. When she received a copy of her mothers will in the mail the clock again started.

I was living with my mother at this time, and we had gone to town. We found the copy of the will in the mailbox, and when we went into the house we found the clock running. When my mother passed on the clock struck thirteen, and would stop and run in spurts. The clock thus far has been behaving itself, with no other episodes.

Lynn Avery, British Columbia, Canada
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