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Haunted Electricity

Tom, Manchester, UK
November 2010

I went over to my friend’s house, and we played all night on the computer and PS3 when we had a blackout. Me and my friend Rob immediately hugged each other in fear; his Mum had found torches and found us up stairs hiding under a desk. We went down into the basement and found that the power had been turned off. But no one could have gotten down there, there was a pin number leading into the basement, and his Mum was watching TV and me and Rob were upstairs. And it was only the 3 of us. We walked up stairs again and we reached the living room, the power turned back on. So Robs mum went down again while me and rob watched TV, she screamed and ran up the stairs leading down to the basement and into the living room. I asked: "What happened?"

She said she saw a face on the power switch and that when she got closer it frowned and opened its mouth at her. About 5 hours later as we were all sleeping, Robs light switch blew up, sparked and all. His mum came running in with a torch and led us outside. As we watched the house in fear Rob was crying, then every light in the house turned on and then off. Ever since that I have never set foot in that house again, and neither has Rob.

Tom, Manchester, UK
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