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Haunted Gym Equipment Room

Alexa, Ontario, Canada
June 2005

The story I am submitting is completely true, it's not that hard to believe, but if you don't for some reason, I'm sorry, but that is your problem. A lot of people don't believe my ghost stories because of my age, I'm 11 years old and yes, I get to be called "little kid" with some advantages, and disadvantages.

This true story took place at my school, in the gym equipment room. Me and two of my friends believed that it was haunted because when we entered for the first time in complete darkness, we found that the vent installed in the wall seemed to take the shape of strange objects, or it would appear to move out of it's usual place, to another location on the wall, and everything would go back to normal when the light was turned on. We always ended up running out of the gym screaming.

Finally I convinced some of my friends, and my best friend, who I will call Grace to come into the little room with me and my two friends, whom I will name Nathan and Peter.

Once we were all gathered in the small room, crowding together, not because of lack of space, but because of fear of something happening, but none of us would admit it. Finally I walk over to the light switch and flick it off. We stand in complete silence for a while, and all of a sudden I felt somebody caress my arm, I scream and run out of the room followed by Grace, Peter, and my other two friends, who I will call Amanda and Cheryl. Nathan was not there because he "didn't feel like coming" ;) but everybody was okay with that =).

Once we all had our share of nervous giggles, and me screaming at Peter and punching his shoulder (in a playful manner) after I figured out that he was the one who had made contact with my arm we decided to attempt to go into the little room again and stay in it long enough for something to happen.

I once again walk over ot the light switch, flick the light off and stumble into the circle of tense kids. Then we wait for a while and again I feel something touching my arm, but it felt cooler this time. I turned around to find nobody there, but this did not concern me since I knew I wouldn't be able to see him (Peter), or in fact anyone or anything in the darkness of the room. I scowled and reached to grab him, but he wasn't there for some strange reason.
Before I could think about it, I heard this loud noise from the corner of the room that sounded a little bit like somebody going "eeeeeeeeeeeeee". I guess I wasn't the only one who heard it because this time I wasn't the first one to sprint out of the room.

Once we were all out in the gym I turned to Peter to give him hell for trying to scare me once again. Once I finished my "lecture" and threatening to steal his $50 hat he finally looked at me a bit ticked off and yelled that he wasn't anywhere near me when we were in there, but I didn't believe him. I really thought he was just trying to scare me, but Cheryl insisted that he was beside her the whole time and she was hugging him and he couldn't have touched me since he was hugging her back. Just then a chill ran up my spine, if it wasn't Peter, than who was it? Well, nobody believed me but I know very well what I felt. They may have not believed that I had been touched by a ghost (and thought that I was making it all up) but they had all heard it going "eeeeeeee....". Grace claimed not to have heard it, but the rest of us new we did. Amanda suggested that it was probably the furnace, but we all gave her exasperated looks, because a furnace does not go "eeee" just like a human being.

Once we were all convinced that the gym storage room was haunted we decided to keep it to ourselves, as much as a bunch of grade 6 children could.

This took place about 2 days ago, and the whole school knows about it by now. =P. Well if anybody has any ideas of what it could be, please email me!!


Alexa, Ontario, Canada
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