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Haunted Hallway

Tessie O'Talley, Arizona, USA
March 1998

My family had bought a piece of property west of Tucson a couple of years ago. After a while, things started going on in the family. Just bad luck or so it seemed. After a year of bad luck we finally had some native American healers come to the property. They believed a female Indian was haunting our acre. Not a bad spirit but a little unhappy with they way we had not kept the land clean after we first moved in. Okay, we understood that and cleaned up. Things in our personal lives got better and I didn't hear scratching at my bedroom door any longer. This started a month after we moved a trailer onto the lot. I just thought it was the cats wanting to get into my room, but each time I would go to the door - no cat. No big deal. Finally about a year later I was home alone since my mother was in town, house sitting. She had been there for a month and was going to be there for another month before coming home. I was reading in bed when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I thought it was mom coming to talk to me. But the footsteps stopped before they got to my door. So I thought good old mom was doing laundry or looking for something in the freezer when I remembered she wasn't there. It was just me and the cats! I got up and turned all the lights on but nothing else happened. And nothing else has happened since!

Tessie O'Talley, Arizona, USA
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