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Haunted Headquarters

Stephanie, Kansas, USA
April 1997

I work a military post in Kansas that is very historical, dating back to the Civil War. The building that I work in happens to be the old hospital, but because of the historical importance it has never been renovated. It is now the post headquarters. There are many stories of hauntings that have occurred in this building to include the sounds of gernies moving up and down the hallways and screams coming from various offices. My story is quite different than all of these.

One night I was working late on a presentation that was due that following week. Because of the high level of security of this building I left only my desk lamp and my computer on for light to avoid and run-ins with security. As I was working on my computer I could hear the sound of a small child giggling in the hallway. I assumed that someone else on my floor was also working late and had brought their child with them. I needed to make copies on the copy machine. I made my way down the hall to the room with the copy machine. I saw a little boy peeking out of one of the other doorways. He looked at me and just giggled. I went to make my copies and walked out. As I went back down the hallway I looked back and saw the same little boy still peeking out of the door at me and still giggling. This time he said to me, "Have you seen my mommy?". "No, but who is your mommy?" I asked. "Her name is Abigale." "Oh, if I see her I will let her know that you are looking for her." I told him. I went back to my office to finish up my work, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and it was that same little boy standing in my doorway looking at me. When I turned he again giggled but then just looked at me. He was wearing what seemed to be very old fashioned clothing, wool brown pants, white linen shirt, suspenders, and brown lace up boots."What are you doing," I asked."Looking for my mommy." he replied. "Do you want to wait in here until she comes back?" I asked him. "No, I have to keep looking." "Okay." I said. He turned and walked away. A few hours later as I was leaving I went to the office that I saw the little boy peeking out of. No one was there. I assumed that he and his mother had left for the night. I then left for the evening.

The next day I was talking to my girlfriend who works in that office where I saw the little boy."Who is Abigale?" I asked."I don't know, why?" she asked. "She works in you office, doesn't she?" "There is no one by the name of Abigale who works in my office." At the time I didn't think anything of it thinking she probably worked in a different office. Until one day I was I was going through the post museum and saw a very old picture of the same little boy. The story under it said his name was Victor Henson. He died in a fire in the old hospital. By the time anyone could get up the stairs to save him he was trapped. The only thing they could hear was him calling for his mommy and asking were she was. At times I can still hear little Victor giggling down the hall.

Stephanie, Kansas, USA
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