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Haunted High School (1)

October 2003

In the late 1970's friends and I decided to go to the old high school that was said to be haunted. It was around 9pm and we all climbed into 2 cars.

The night was bright with white clouds in the skies. The high school was out in the country and has been closed since the story I am getting ready to tell you took place.

The H.S. was closed down after the janitor came in early one monday to turn on the furnace. As he walked through the building he saw a student hanging from the chandelier which hung in front of the main doors. The story goes that some other kids from the school took this boy out the Friday before and not liking him they got him drunk, then brought him to the school and hung him front the chandelier. The school was never reopened. This apparently happened sometime in the 1950's.

Well, we got to the school and park where our headlights would be shining on the front doors (now an open space, the doors are long gone). We all climbed the steps to the school and one of the guys asked for a sign to let us know if "anyone" else was here, he asked for a cloud to cover the moon the entire time we were there. And within 2 minutes a cloud covered the moon.

One of the women tried speaking to the spirit of the dead boy and asked him to appear if he could. All of a sudden we could see a shadow hanging from the ceiling (about 2 feet below the ceiling), it looked like a boy with a white tee shirt and dark pants on. The figure began to move back and forth. We knew it was him, there was a sad air over us all of a sudden. The woman who called for him to appear tried to tell him he could go home now.

All of us were pretty spooked out. But the most interesting thing about this story is that 3 of us who were there that night were all driving from out own homes to meet a local historian who we thought might be able to tell us more about the hanging and the school closing. Finding out later all 3 of us missed the meeting because we all were in 3 different wrecks, nothing serious just vendor benders. And of course we never rescheduled another meeting with the historian.

That was over 25 years ago and I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Since then I have encountered many spirits that are around this earth, but none as sad as the one at the high school.

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