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Haunted Highway

May 2002

I live in the central coast area of California. There are numerous areas that are purported haunted around here. I have had several experiences at some of these locations. I have never had one quite like the one my daughter and I had about a week ago.

We had to drive a 5 hour round trip to the central valley one evening about a week ago. In order for us to get there, we have to travel a Hwy over a mountain pass, and past a large reservoir. This Hwy has had numerous documented hauntings, and we knew as we drove over some of the lore. The drive over to the valley was uneventful, it was during the early evening hours, and still dusk over most of the pass. We arrived at our destination, picked up our package and at about 11:30pm headed back out the Hwy to the pass again.

We arrived at the pass area at about 12:30 pm. I jokingly said to my daughter that now that it was after midnight/witching hour we might see a few ghostly apparitions like others had reported. She asked me if I had ever seen anything when driving over the pass before, and I replied no, I just didn't like driving over it as I always felt anxious until I hit the downhill side, and was just glad to be over with the drive when it was done.

We hadn't come to the summit yet, at this time. As we approached the summit, I looked to my right, and saw a dark figure dart down the grassy hill onto the shoulder of the road. It kind of rolled down the hill, landed on all fours, stood and then ran back up the hill. I gasped as I saw this, as it was dark but transparent! My daughter said "what?". "Oh, nothing I replied, I just thought I saw something." She said "oh, so did I." I told her what I saw, and then she told me she had seen a large wagon, drawn by several horses, in the grassy hill area too, only it was white and transparent.

We were on the summit by the time the conversation regarding this stopped, and started downhill. We were following a large semi-truck and trailer rig at the time. We started over the rise, and downhill. Normally when doing this the car would speed up, and I would slightly coast, watching the speed on the curve. A curious thing happened, the car would not go faster than 45mph. It would not coast. If I didn't push on the accelerator, the car would not go. We were going down hill! I told my daughter how strange this was, and she said are you sure we are going downhill? I said look at the incline, you tell me. All the way down the pass, I had to push the accelerator, or the car wouldn't go. As we approached the end of the Hwy pass, the car started to coast, as if someone had stopped pushing on the front of the car. A car started up the hwy, and the headlights lit up the windshield. My daughter gasped, "mom, look at the windshield!" There were hand prints on the windshield. We hadn't noticed these the whole trip, until then. I had used the washer several times on the trip over, so we don't know where the prints came from.

We were very happy to get home that night, and neither of us wants to take a trip over the pass for a while!

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