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Haunted Hospital (1)

Punsala, Sri Lanka
November 2006

This happened to my aunt years ago when she was expecting my twin cousins to be born.

She was in hospital, and this incident occurred on December 24th. My aunt went to sleep at around eleven at night, but she was aroused by a presence in the room. It was a young lady in a white dress, and my aunt thought this was a nurse. She felt the lady taking the bed sheet and leaving.

My aunt did not think anything, but patiently waited in the dark hospital room until the nurse returned with a fresh sheet. Minutes passed, but the nurse did not arrive. My aunt began to feel cold, and finally she rang the bell at her side to ask for assistance.

Another nurse came in a while. My aunt explained to her a nurse had come and taken her bed sheet but had yet not returned, and that she was feeling cold. This nurse looked alarmed, and said, "Please come with me. We'll change your room at once." All at once the hospital staff arrived and assigned her to a separate room. All of them were talking in upset voices and comforting my aunt. She wondered why they made such a big fuss, but thankfully she did not get frightened.

The following day they found the same bed sheet hanging on the fence surrounding the hospital. Although the hospital didn't tell us the details, the way they had acted; disturbed and nervous, and why they had changed my aunt's room tells us that they knew that the mysterious lady who had taken the bed sheet was not really human, but a ghost.

Later we heard rumors that similar incidents occur in the same hospital room on the same day of each year. Apparently a patient had died in that room, a lady, and since then, every year, on the same day she died, she would be seen haunting the room, dressed in the same white dress she had worn the day she'd passed away. The hospital staff is well aware of this but they dont' convey this information to the public or the patients, as it would cause anxiety and worry.

Punsala, Sri Lanka
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