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Haunted Hospital (2)

Paul, Queensland, Australia
July 2010

I am currently working in a small country town hospital in Theodor, Queensland. Something interesting happened on one night shift. There were only four patients in at the time, all were bed ridden elderly.

At around 0100hrs I was in the main hall of the ward, not this is a small hospital that is built in a U shape. At one end of the U is the Emergency Department (ED), along that arm is the pharmacy and reception. In the corner of the U is the operating theatre and the ward extends along the base of the U, then on the other arm is the kitchen, staff room and training room.

I was standing in the ward hallway about half way along the base of the U when someone walked out of the Director of Nursing's office across the hall toward ED, I was wondering who of the staff was still at work at this time of morning as I had just left the only other staff member on in the staff room. I went to investigate but could not find anyone in the hospital. I thought I was seeing things!

I walked back to the staff room and told the other nurse on what I had seen, she told me I was just tired. It was a good half hour after that that we heard the distinct sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. We looked at each other and dove out of the room to see who it was, once again a full search of the hospital revealed nothing! I thought it was odd as the floor was concrete but the footsteps were definitely on wood.

We gave up thinking that it was just out first night and we were hearing things, around 40 minutes later at around 0215hrs there was a loud crash from the far end of the hospital followed by footsteps again. Once again we both dived out of the room, this time thinking one of the patients had somehow climbed over there bed rail and fallen. Once again after searching the hospital nothing was found, all patients were asleep in bed.

We were chatting about it just before hand over in the morning saying what an odd shift it was as we were hearing and seeing things. This elicited an odd response from the regular nurses! (We, that were on are relief nurses) "Oh, that would have been the Matron."

It turns out this is nothing unusual for this hospital and most all staff have experienced something. One odd part of it is she has never been seen along the ward or near the kitchen and staff area, only near her office and the foyer. This was just like seeing another person, no transparency, no missing bits just a person and on thinking about it no sound either of footsteps or movement!

Something else that made the footsteps make sense to me is that the original wood hospital burnt down in the late 70s and this one was built on the same spot only with a concrete floor! A few nights later I took my digital camera with me to take some pictures, I took one immediately after the other outside the Director of Nursing's office looking along the ward hall. The first shows what appears to be an orb and the second just an empty hall.

Paul, Queensland, Australia
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