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Haunted Hotel (2)

TahVee, WA, USA
July 2004

When I was young, whereever I seem to live, there would always be some ghostly happenings.

We move alot because of this and it was hard to find a place to live. Was it us or the place itself? It didn't bother me and my brother much just because we're kids and we think everything is a joke. We finally found a place and instead of just moving in, we had monks (we're Buddhists) to bless the place. It took seven days but it was worth it. There were no ghostly happenings.

My parents got divorced and my mom moved to Alaska with my brother and the rest of the family up there. I moved to Alaska years later. When I was 17, my best friend and I were hired at a Hotel Resort an hour drive from Anchorage where we lived, for a summer job. I heard my mom telling me the hotel was haunted because she works there also. I ignored it. I heard the apartment I was living in was haunted also from my friends about a little boy running around at night. I've never seen him so I ignored that also.

Well, the first month I was working there, nothing out of the usual happened. The first incident happened in 7th floor of the hotel in room 721. I'm a housekeeper, I clean rooms, but that day, the manager wanted me to deliver magazines to all the rooms including the ones that aren't occupied. That day, there were hardly any visitors, so most of the rooms were empty. I was making my route starting at 8th floor then down to 7th floor. When I went into room 721, I opened the door and plugged in the rubber door stopper like I did to the other rooms. I grabbed the magazines and walked straight in. When I leaned down to put down the magazines, I heard the door shut. I thought that I probably didn't plug in the door stopper real well. So I opened the door and walked out of the room trying to find the rubber door stopper thinking it'd be on the ground. After about a minute of hard work looking for it, I found the door stopper on top of a bench a few feet away. I had chills run down my back, but I thought it could be my best friend playing a joke on me like we usualy do just to scare each other. So I walked down the corridor calling out, "Sophia... where are you?" Expecting her to pop out somewhere but she didn't. That freaked me out, so I ran down the fire exit stairs to the 4th floor where my mom was supervising, and where Sophia was working. I asked Sophia if she had been on the 7th floor and she said "no". I told my mom what happened and she just laughed at me and I asked her why but she wouldn't tell me.

After work that day, I turned in my housekeeping key to the security and overheard them talking about a suicide that took place just after the 9/11 attack. I nosed into their business. They told me a stock market guy was visiting the hotel in September, he stayed for a week but the last day he never checked out. So when one of the maids went to clean his room, she found his dead body laying there. Apparently he had slit his throat and his left wrist with a razor. I asked them what room number he stayed in and they said, "721". I was terrified. "I don't believe you guys." I told them. "Don't believe us? Go ask your mom" one of the security said. "What does my mom have to do with it?" I asked. "She was his favorite maid."
Now, mind you. He liked her because she did a nice job cleaning the room. I went to ask my mom and yes, for a week, she cleaned his room for him and he would always talked to her. He told her about his stock market going down and his wife was divorcing him and how he much he love staying at the hotel and didn't want to leave. His name was Chris.

The hotel room he stayed in was cleaned out two days after his death and the furniture in that room was moved to room 723. Everyone who cleans that room is always afraid to go in because something bad always happen to them. Except my mom. She told me if next time I go in there, call out his name and make small talk because he always likes to talk.

After that first incident small things started to happen to me. Like the television would turn on and off by itself. The doors would open and close and the toilet would flush on its own. This just didn't happen on the 7th floor but on the 5th floor where I work. No one died on the 5th floor -at least to my knowledge- but I know someone else died on the 3rd floor by jumping off the balcony when he was drunk. But that floor had no records of any ghostly happenings.

I got used to the small things and learned to ignore it. I wished it could have helped me clean the rooms a bit though.

My best friend also had experiences. Instead of the TV turn on by itself, the lights would turn on and off by themselves. Being the tough girl she is, (after working there, she joined the Marines while I got out and married a wonderful Airforce man), she'd yell for whoever it is to stop and the lights would stop.

Another incident that happened to me took place in 5th floor in room 515.

Room 515 was just outside the maid closet. Inside the maid closet was the employee elevator. It was toward the school year and summer was just ending (in Alaska, summer ends real soon), so the Hotel had hardly any visitors. I was working on the 5th floor by myself. I had the door opened (employee rules) and was making the bed just in front of it. I heard the employee door open and close. It went on for 5 minutes. Every time it opened, I tried to catch whoever it was coming out, but it was never anyone.
After 5 minutes of this, the next time the door opened, I waited until it closed, then I ran into the maid closet to find... NO ONE. I thought that whoever it was, was a pretty fast walker. So I went back to work. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the door open and close with no one coming out of it. Then, this time, it was different. The door opened and then I heard the employee bathroom open just 20 feet away. So I ran to the employee bathroom and peered inside the window (the employee bathroom is inside a room where the soda machine is), I saw the bathroom door open and instead of seeing someone in there, I saw my own reflection in the mirror.

To myself, I thought someone was just playing with me, so I sat outside the door for a near 5 minutes. Trying to hear a flush, or water running, or any signs of a life form using the rest room. But I didn't. 'This was a waste of my time.' I said to myself. I got up and walked back to where I was working. Just as I started cleaning the bathroom in room 515, I heard the employee bathroom door open and closed and heard the maids closet door open. So I was thinking, "OH I GOT YOU THIS TIME!" I ran out so fast into the maids closet and to my surprise, NO ONE WAS THERE. Instead I saw the button of the elevator was pushed to "DOWN". Instead of being afraid, I was angry.

I spent almost an hour cleaning one room and got in trouble by mom (the supervisor) for "goofing off" and not paying attention to my work. When I told her what I did, she just ignored it. She said stuff happened to her, but she still gets her work done.

The hotel is in Girdwood, Alaska. It's call Alyeska Resort. It's a real nice resort, a lot of visitors from all around the world go there. Especially in the winter and in the summer. Alot of stuff happens to my co-workers also, but just little stuff. I don't know if anything happens to guests, but you can find out... Enjoy your visit at Alyeska.

TahVee, WA, USA
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