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Haunted Hotel (3)

Amelrob, Orange, California, USA
July 1998

Iwas maybe...7 or 8 years old when my family and I took a trip to the Saint James Hotel in New Mexico. That hotel is a very old building that is haunted by many ghosts/spirits from the "Old West." (Billy the Kid is said to drop in sometimes). We stayed about 5 days (two nights in the old part, two in the new). This took place in the new part: what happened was while my mom was cleaning up her small colorful room she suggested we go swimming. We agreed and changed into our bathing suits (Note: before we left I DEFINITELY saw my mom close her suitcase and put it in the closet). We swam for about 2 hours before coming back to the room. I got there first and unlocked the door (can you guess what I saw?). I saw my mother's suitcase open and in front of the mirror. Clothes were scattered everywhere! Right in front of the mirror we saw my mother's purple baseball cap floating in what looked like thin air! We knew instantly who it was. One of the many ghosts said to inhabit that hotel was a young woman who wore rose perfume. You could tell she was there by the smell of her perfume, and guess what the room smelled like? Rose perfume! (Wow...). Then suddenly the hat dropped and we all felt a strong smelly wind fly through us, and out the door, then the door slammed. No one was really scared, just surprised. After coming down from the semi-shock my dad started laughing.

Amelrob, Orange, California, USA
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