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Haunted Hotel (4)

October 2001

Last May, my daughter and I had an unusual stay in a haunted hotel room in Lenoir, NC. We had no problems the first night, but the second night was a different story.

We got back to the room around ten, and we both got ready for bed. About 11:30, my daughter was already asleep in her bed when I remembered that I hadn't taken my medicine. My pill case was in my toiletry bag hanging up on the clothes rack beside the vanity. This was situated on the opposite side of the room from the door and was separated from the bedroom by an open archway. I could see the clothes rack (and thus the toiletry bag) and part of the vanity from where I sat on my bed.

After taking my pill case out of the bag, it started swinging from the movement. Several minutes later, while I was sitting back on the bed watching TV, I noticed that the bag was still swinging. I thought that this was unusual since there had been more than enough time for the bag to come to a stop. I started watching the bag, and finally, it very slowly came to a complete stop. I was sitting there, pondering the length of time this took, when the bag started swinging again! The room had one of those all-purpose air conditioner/heater units beside the outside door of the room that was set on low fan. It did not go off and on; once it was on, it stayed on at the same rate, so it is not like a system came on with a vent in the vanity area that could easily blow the bag.

After watching the bag swing at a good speed for a few minutes, I finally gathered enough courage to walk over to the bag, and I stopped the swinging by putting a hand on each side of the bag. After I let go, I stood there and watched while the bag stayed still for about a minute, then it started swinging again! I could not feel any air movement that could have caused the bag to start moving. Well, I had had enough by this time, so I took the bag off the clothes rack and laid it down on the vanity top beside the basin. I then bunched up all of the hang-up clothes and empty clothes hangers on one end of the rack so that in order for one to swing, they all had to swing. I watched for quite some time before I finally fell into an exhausted sleep (with the lights on of course).

The only good thing about the whole experience is that my daughter slept through the entire thing. If she had been awake and seen all of this, we would have been sleeping in the car that night since that hotel (and most of the others in town) were full. I did not tell her about it until after we had checked out the next morning. We will be going back to Lenoir next April, but we are definitely staying in another hotel!

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