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Haunted House, OK, USA

Sarah, OK, USA
January 2008

This story occurred in Paul's Valley, OK, USA when I was little.
It was a single story old white frame house with a red shingle roof located in Hull Bend.

Every morning I would tell my Mother that the pretty lady in white was in the yard again. Also in my bedroom you could hear footsteps from my door that would go into the closet. I would tell my parents that the Lady in White would take care of me, whenever they would tell me not to do something that might get me hurt (like claiming tree). You would get up in the morning and lights would be turn on, and my parents knew they had turned them out, or the burners lit.

One night a bright blue light shown through the window into my parents bedroom, when my Dad looked out the window the light suddenly disappeared.

One night my Mom and I came home very late and the front door would not open. Mom said that she suddenly became scared and felt like if she opened the door we would be harmed.

Another very strange thing about the house: you would frequently find snakes in the yard and around the house. We are talking several times a week and the snakes would try and get in the house through the screen door.

Things would disappear and reappear somewhere you knew you had not put it.

Sometime in 1970's the house was moved and a new house was built on the same location.

In the 1990's I drove by the place (for some reason I am drawn to the place), and the new house was gone. No evidence showed of either house ever being there, other than big tree that set in the front yard.

My Mom heard that the previous owner had built the house to raise her daughter there and she died when he daughter was very young. My Mom thought that was why the lady in White was attached to me.

I have always wondered what happened to the new house that was built there, why it is gone and where did they move the old house too.

Sarah, OK, USA
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