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Haunted House (1)

July 2006

When I was six years old my dad decided that we needed to move closer to his work and our school, so we moved in to a smaller home in the middle of town.

Just a few months later some weird things started happening.
We were latch key kids so my brother Derek and I would come home first then my older brother Daniel and sister Darrien would come home.
Well one time I forgot my key, and we had a swing on our front porch, so I was swinging on it and I heard a little girl say my name. I got freaked out and looked around and when I didn't see anyone I ran outside and waited for my dad to come home. Even my brother has had some experiences.
My brother was moving rooms so he was sleeping on an air mattress and he says that he would feel someone move the mattress. He says sometimes he even hears a little girl call his name.
I have to sleep with the light on because in my room, because I see shadow figures.
One night I was sitting in a corner in our living room and I felt a hand on my shoulder, when I looked around I realized I was in a corner.

The one thing that happens the most is our house is things disappear. I will set something down and go to pick it up again and it won't be there and I will look and look and finally find it right where I put it. If all that wasn't enough every where I go in this house I feel like someone is watching me.
One night my brother and I got to talking and we were sharing our "stories" and he told me that he thinks they might have moved with us from our other house. Can that even happen?
I still don't know if I believe that but I know that there is something here. When my friends come over they even have experiences.
One time my friend Steph and I were in my garage and out of no where a box fell on her head. Thank god there wasn't anything too heavy in it. Other friends will say that they feel like they are always being watched, so we don't hang out at my house anymore.
No one in my family other than my brother and I have had experiences in this house. That could just be because no one in my family would admit to something like that happening.

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