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Haunted House (3)

Anonymous, Mumbai, India
July 2011

This is a story from India from a place called a Lucknow. It was the time when my dad was born, between 1952-1965. My dad lived in a join family and so they bought a bigger house on rent. My grandma told me that when they were about to shift, people from neighbouring apartments stopped them saying that whoever shifted never lived happily in this house and they better give a second thought. They also reported that weird incidents take place in this apartment. But because of financial pressures and this apartment had a lower rent than the other apartments so they took it.

The broker who helped him rent this house said that there was a room which is locked and please don't forget to light a small diya (a small pot made of mud lit with oil) every day.

Slowly people had incidents like somebody slapping them or the quantity of food going lower in the house. People were stressed and not keeping good health. Some or the other person in the house used to be ill all the time.

Once a mason came to the house for some civil work, he suddenly observed the house and said, "Leave this house as soon as possible."

Everybody surprisingly asked him, "Why??"

He replied that usually in every house you have four corners but this house is made with five corners which symbolizes "evil". Ghosts are in search of such houses.

Guests used to come to stay for a week and used to run away in a day. They said there are weird occurrences in the houses .One of the guests said that he saw a man sitting on the terrace and his legs came all the way to the ground. After much research they found out that that man who was seen from the terrace was actually the dead owner of the house who did not want anybody to stay in the house other than him.

Believe it or not my father and my father's sister and my grandmother still experience the same tall man in their dreams although nobody other than the guests saw that man in the house. My dad's family used to have ghostly experiences in the house but they never saw anyone unlike the guests in the house. They see a tall man in the dream standing at the gate of the same house and stopping them from going inside. How can three people see the same man in their dreams which they have never seen??

I dont know whether that house still exists in Lucknow. Just behind that house was an old broken graveyard and an old deserted mosque. The whole place had a spooky feeling about itself.

Anonymous, Mumbai, India
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