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Haunted House In NH

Mark Prescott, NH, USA
December 2001

Back in "1973" to "74" our family move into a house that had a local history of strange happenings. We didn't find this out until we started to experience some wierd unexplained things.

There was the usual lights going on and off by themselves but our Mother always said one of us 7 kids were playing games and I pretty much shrugged these things off.

One night I was taking a bath and in the hallway outside the bathroom I could hear our new little kitten playing and tearing up the newspaper that was spread out on the floor next to its litter box. I though "great I just put that paper down, now I'll have to do it again" being 15 and the oldest I decided to make one of my brothers do it.

When I finished my bath and was heading downstairs I saw that the paper was as I left it, not all torn up and scattered around like I expected it to be. I found all my brothers and sisters watching TV in the livingroom and the kitten sound asleep on my sisters lap. I asked who was upstairs and they all said "not me" then I asked how long has the kitten been with them and my sister said its been sleeping on her for over an hour.

I know what I heard upstairs, it wasn't my imagination.

Another thing that used to happen quite a lot took place in the attic.

We had a cheap small pool table up there given to all us kids as a Christmas present. This attic was huge, it was the length and width of the house and had plenty of head room, an adult could walk around with no problem of banging their head. Sometimes at night we could hear the pool balls rolling across the wooden floor, all us kids would lay on my brother and my bed starring up at the ceiling following the sound of the rolling balls with our eyes, we would all lay there not moving until the sound stopped. In the morning my brother and I would go up to check and the balls would always be just as they were the last time we played with them.

The pool balls weren't the only things we heard, other times we could hear a man with hard sole shoes walking back and forth across the wooden floor. It wasn't my father because he didn't live with us at this house, but there was a man or something walking around up there.

All these thing always happened at night but the most spookiest thing happened during the day.

I was watching TV one day with my one of my sisters, we had the old style set where you turned the knob to change stations, there wasn't a remote to do it for us, when all of a sudden the TV changed stations, just one channel, then another channel, then it went around a full revolution in one motion, stopped, and went around another revolution in the other direction ending up on the channel I was watching. My sister and I ran out of the house, I believe everyone else was already outside.

To this day over 25 years later we still talk about that house when we get together on the Holidays. Our mother always denied anything was happening during that time in "74" but she did admit something was going on to us a few years ago. Some people are skeptics and don't believe my stories, but my family and I are firm believers in the unexplained!

Mark Prescott, NH, USA
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