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Haunted House In The Woods

Melissa, NC, USA
November 2003

I am originally from NJ but when I was 16 I moved in with my father in NC. He had moved to NC when I was 11 and bought a piece of land in the middle of the woods and built a beautiful house. The most interesting paranormal experiences I have ever had happened in this house. I apologize if this story is too long, I will try to keep it as short as possible.

While I was living with my father we had two of my step- mothers friends come and stay with us for about six months. Their names were Karen and Lisa. Since we didn't have a spare bedroom they slept on an air mattress in the upstairs living room, in the back of the house. One night we all went out to visit some family friends. Karen, Lisa, my sister, my brother and I all decided to come home before my parents. When we got home Karen was tired and went upstairs to go to sleep. Everyone else stayed downstairs in the kitchen. About 10 minutes later we heard heavy foot steps walking from the upstairs living room almost to the front of the house, which is my parents bedroom and directly above the kitchen where all of us were sitting. Lisa, wondering what was going on, got up to check on Karen and make sure she was okay. When she came back downstairs she looked startled and told us that Karen was knocked out cold and when she tried to wake her she wouldn't move. There was no way that she could have gotten back into bed (we never heard the foot steps go back into the living room) and fell into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds. All of us were pretty spooked because we had clearly heard foot steps walking around...even my brother was spooked and he doesn't believe in ghosts.

My next story takes place about six months later. It was spring and we were all enjoying the weather outside. We had a small round patio table out on the front patio. We were all sitting around the table talking, my Dad, my step-mom, my brother, my best friend Kelly and I. We all started talking about spirits and my brother was arguing with us that they didn't exist and that when we die we get buried and thats it. My brother had been getting ready to smoke a cigarette before we all started talking and had it sitting on the table right in front of him. In the middle of our discussion he looked down to pick it up and it was gone! My brother started swearing and saying that my Dad or step-mom had snatched it while he was distracted, but that was impossible...since the table is small and round I would have seen anyone reach over and grab the cigarette and I didn't see anyone and neither did kelly. My brother, kelly and I got up and starting looking under the table and on the patio, thinking that maybe the wind had knocked it off, to no avail. We all sat down a bit startled. We started talking about it and my brother was telling my dad to knock it off and give it back. While we were talking my brother looked down on the table in front of him and there the cigarette was...right where he had put it. Again my brother accused my dad of being sneaky but I would have seen him put it back and he hadn't reached across the table during the whole conversation. My brother still swears to this day that it was my Dad or step-mom messing with him but I think he really was spooked about the whole thing. I know I was.

When I was 17 I was getting ready to go out for the day with my brother's girlfriend, my best friend and my twin sister, who was visiting for the summer from NJ. I was getting ready in the bathroom, doing my hair and putting on my make-up. I had taken off my class ring and set it on the counter next to the sink. When I was finished I looked down to put it back on and it was gone! My little sister had been in there with me and had seen me put it there. I called to all my friends and told them that I had lost my class ring. All of us, about 5 girls, started searching the bathroom floor and counter and then proceeded to search even outside the bathroom, thinking it had fallen and bounced out into the living room. Confused and frantic my little sister and I walked back into the bathroom to find my class ring sitting right on the counter next to the sink, right where I had left it. Needless to say both of us were pretty shocked!

Melissa, NC, USA
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