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Haunted House in Wurtland, Kentucky

Annette, Kentucky, USA
November 1998

Afriend rented an old house in Wurtland, Kentucky, USA, right on Rt 1. This was a strange old house. One day I turned on the oven that was not plugged in ( I wanted some tea and thought I was turning on a burner). Rooms would be like ice in August and sometimes things got moved. Like I said, this was a strange house.

One October, my friend decided to throw a party. A few of us were going to a festival the next day and would spend the night there. Several rooms had no electricity and my friend (who collects turn of the century nad civil war era antiques) had lit the entire house with oil lamps. A number of strange things happened that night many during the party in plain sight of about 20 people.

There was a small room at the bottom of the stairs and my friend had a huge Bishops chair from an auction at a Catholic church. My mother went to sit down in that chair to watch two guys playing chess in that room. She saw a woman in the chair and said "Excuse me, I didn't see you sitting there" and with that the woman smiled and faded away. All three people saw her. She and a man were seen all over the house that night, but the only time they were seen together was when about 8 people saw them walking toward the barn about 11pm. Those of us who slept there that night made a point of not sleeping in a room alone and finally all 5 of us ended up in a room together because of all the "sounds" in the house that night. When the dawn came, the house quietened down and we got dressed and left for the festival - early.

My friend mentioned this to his land lady who lived across the road and ran a small general store. She told him she'd had a hard time in the past renting the house because everyone knew of the ghost, but since he was from outta town and hadn't mentioned seeing them, she thought they'd finally gone to their rest. She didn't know who they were, nobody seemed to. My friend said he had heard sounds late at night like someone walking around upstairs,(his bedroom was downstairs close to the only bathroom in the house) but figured it was an old house in the country, must be "old house noise". He never "saw" the ghosts again, but heard them alot more often, walking around upstairs at night or the porch swing would start to swing at 3 am and swing steadily until dawn.

He moved out 4 months later. My friend who never believed in ghosts, does now. We never did find out who the ghosts were.

Annette, Kentucky, USA
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