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Haunted House or Something Worse?

Dan, IL, USA
October 2003

Ever since I was a kid I've seen and heard strange things in my house.
We moved in when I was two or so so the stories are a little drawn out.

First of all I should say that my mom is a methodist minister and one of these stories is secondhand.

In the laundry room of our house there is a small linen closet and on the door in the grain of the wood there is what appears to be the face of a demon. I have shown numerous people the door without telling them what to look for and they have all seen it. When I was about eight or nine I was sitting in the family room watching TV alone and from behind a chair I heard this demonic sounding laugh and then a few years later I was sitting in the dining room finishing up some homework while everyone else was out of the house. As I sat there I started to hear this rhythmic knocking coming from the outside wall of the room. After about ten seconds of this I heard this voice in an almost mocking tone "Can I come in now?" needless to say I was terrified but nevertheless I ran to the window and looked out into the backyard and saw nothing.

The most vivid story is one that my sister and my mom have told me.

When we were kids my mom had a friend that was going through some troubles. Apparently her ex-husband and his new wife were harassing her and "putting hexes" on her. After her house flooded my mom invited her to stay in our house. That night my mother said she woke up and saw this humanoid shape standing in the doorway to her bedroom. The figure was cloaked in shadows but had fiery red eyes. My mother sat up in bed and the figure said "Do not interfere." Realizing that the thing was between us and my mom she kneeled on her bed and prayed frantically for it to leave and sure enough it did.

Countless other experiences have happened to my family in the house over the years. Hearing floorboards creak from upstairs as if someone were walking around and the like. The strange thing is that we have met the only other owner of the house and as far as we know nothing strange has happened.

Dan, IL, USA
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