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Haunted Inn

Dolores Gwin, Indiana, USA
January 2008

This is a True story and it happened to me. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. I married and moved away to Indiana. My husband and I liked to visit my relatives but he always wanted to stay at the Inn in Newburyport verses staying with my relations.

This incident happened October of 2005. I had heard stories that this Inn was haunted, but had not yet had an experience there.

On this trip it happened to be our last time to stay at the Inn. We usually would stay a week or more and always had a wonderful time and would entertain friends and my brother there for dinner. This last night my best friend and her husband came to the Inn to meet us. We took them down to the basement where the restaurant is and had dinner and drinks. None of us wanted the evening to end so we went upstairs to our room and partied and joked around about the so called ghosts that were haunting the place.

After my friend and her husband left we got ready for bed. Well John fell asleep right away so I sat on the love seat in the room to watch TV for a while. When I finally got to my side of the bed I sat down on the edge of the bed. The only lights were coming through the window from the small park outside. Before I could lay my head on the pillow I looked to the door that was on my side of the bed. A grayish face with hollow black eyes came at me so fast right up close to my face. I remember even the mouth was open and looked as if it was screaming at me. When the face came at me it was like a zoom lens on a camera it came so fast. Well for some reason I wasn't frightened, it made me angry. I jumped up and yelled at it to stop, I wanted to get some sleep!. I opened the draw next to me and pulled the bible out and put it on the table. I got into bed and realized John had not even woken up when I yelled. I tried to sleep but all night long I could hear what sounded like many people whispering and talking and the rustling of long skirts moving all over the room.

As soon as the sun came up it all stopped and the room became quiet.
When morning came I went down to the receptionist and told her about the noise all night long. She said she was sorry and asked if it was coming from the park. I told her she didn't understand and that it was in the room, not anything outside. At this point she had a strange look and I asked her if the place was really haunted?. She told me the owners didn't want the staff to talk about it. They were afraid it would drive business away.

This building has been there since the 1800's and was a home in the beginning. Then used as offices before it was turned into an Inn. It has 24 rooms and a restaurant in the basement and several banquet rooms. From what I have heard the staff will not go into the basement once the restaurant has closed. My husband passed away suddenly the next February and I now stay with my relatives. I do want to go back and stay a few nights again and see what may happen. I think we provoked the spirits that night by making fun of them.
That is something I will never do again.

Dolores Gwin, Indiana, USA
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