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Haunted Lane

May 2002

Although I am interested in the paranormal, I have had only one experience myself. I was with my dad who is a non- believer and he admits what we saw cannot be explained.

One autumn evening my dad and I decided to go for a walk up a haunted lane called Bunting Nook. The lane is famous in Sheffield for being haunted. It is next to a large park and so has lots of trees along the length of the lane. However, birds never sing in the trees. We thought it would be a laugh to walk up the lane and neither of us thought that we would see anything.

As we started walking along the lane it was becoming dusk, and with the considerable tree cover, the lane itself was starting to become quite eerie. We noted the lack of birds singing but we did not really think that the lane was haunted. As we strolled along my dad started to tell me the story of the haunting. The story is that two young lovers were eloping together on horseback. As they were jumping a fence, the horse fell and the lovers broke their necks. The lane is apparently haunted by the eloping lovers.

As my dad was telling the story he slowly built the tension up. By this time he was slightly ahead of me when suddenly he spun round really quickly and shouted right in my face!!! As I was not expecting it and with the tension built up from the story, my dad really did make me jump. My dad was killing himself laughing at my fright as we continued to walk up the lane.

Shortly after this as I was still recovering from my fright and about 100 yards from the end of the road we saw a figure slowly cross the road. The figure seemed to walk into the wall through into what my dad and I assumed was a gate. We did not really take that much notice. However, when we finally got to the end of the road, my dad said, "Where did that man go?" At first I did not understand what my dad meant, but when I turned and looked at the wall I realised what my dad was asking. The wall was solid with no gate or other opening. Also as the wall was eight feet high and went on for a considerable distance, there was no way the man could have gone over or around the wall. When we both realised that no earthly body could have gone through wall as we had seen we looked at each other and quickly walked back to the car which was parked at the other end of the lane. The return journey was a lot quicker than the original one!!!!

To this day my dad and I cannot explain what we saw that evening.

This story did not happen to me but to my younger sister (who I will call Marie). Marie has always been sensitive to things that most people can't see or feel. I think the ability has skipped a generation because my Nan is also sensitive. Gladly it appears to have missed me! Even when Marie was young, she seemed to sense things that the rest of the family could not. When my parents were viewing houses, my sister would not enter some houses at all as if she was scared of the house (or something in the house). With some houses Marie was fine.

The story in question has happened over the last few months.. Marie loves to go horse riding and helps out a lot at a stable. In order to get to and from the stables Marie had to drive a long a country lane for about 1000 yards or so. The lane is pitch black at night as there is no street lighting.

One night Marie was driving back from the stables. She drove out of the well-lit village into the darkness of the night. After a very short time, Marie felt that there was someone else in the car with her. The presence, which Marie felt was a man, was sat in the back seat of the car. Being a little afraid, Marie refused to look in the back seat either through the mirror or by turning round. The feeling that she should look round was quite strong but Marie managed to resist it. Speeding up Marie reached the end of the lane and into a well lit developed area. As soon as she reached the well-lit area the presence disappeared from the car.

This has happened to my sister several times when she has driven along the lane. On the last occasion my sister saw something out of the corner of her eye in the passenger seat. It looked like the arm of someone sat next to Marie in the passenger seat. Although frightened, Marie turned round and the arm had disappeared!!

Apparently the lane is a bit of an accident blackspot and there have been quite a few fatalities on the lane over the years. May be one of the people who have died on the lane are having a ride in the car with my sister.

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