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Haunted Nights

Samjaner, CA, USA
May 2013

I was extremely ill when I graduated high school. Doctors could not diagnose me and I carried on living my life suffering from sleepless nights, weight loss, and stomach pain.

I lived with my boyfriend at the time and I would hear footsteps or humming in the halls during the day and night time when I was the only person home. One night while I was laying down next to my boyfriend in bed I heard a voice whisper loudly in a different language in my ear.

I began to become more sick as the years went by and I was more weak and restless. I would wake up to footsteps in our room during the middle of night or I would hear, humming, whining, and whispering. Our stuff would fall down or we would hear someone walking through out the house. My legs and feet would be grabbed while I later in bed.

I started waking up every night at exactly 4am drenched in sweat and panting. I woke up one night by my boyfriends voice. His voice sounded like the voice I first heard whispering in my ear that night. It was a different language. I was wide awake but I could not move my body. I was turning my head back and forth and saw my boyfriend asleep while hearing his voice. It didn't make sense. My it felt like someone was holding me down. I felt a grip on my wrists as my arms were spread out. I never felt so frightened in my entire life. I kept screaming as loud as I could but only whispering was coming out. I laid there pinned to the bed fighting and fighting. All of a sudden I levitated out of my body and I saw my self laying there pinned down and screaming while my boyfriend layer there asleep on his back. I hovered back into my body. I saw my boyfriend awake and he got up quick trying to help me break away from this force holding me down. Finally I gave it my all and broke out of whatever was holding me down. I cried so hard because I was scared and confused by what happened. This happened for many nights but this was the worst and longest.

I finally started getting better and healthier. As I got better, the hauntings, voices, and paranormal faded away. I believe that when someone is sick, there body becomes vulnerable to the dead and I think that's what happened to me.

Samjaner, CA, USA
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