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Haunted Police Station

April 2002

I worked for a Central Coast Law Enforcement Agency for approximately 12 years. The building was almost 100 yrs old when I was employed there. When first employed, the building still had the remnants of the old jail facility, which was used as holding facilities for drunks, and minor arrests, or processing of prisoners before County Bookings. These were old cells that still had sliding bars, and metal cots and no restroom facility for prisoners.

This was in the very center of the main patrol officer area, and was surrounded by booking areas and offices for investigators. The communications room, where I worked was adjacent to this area, and next to the main lobby/entrance to the Police Station.

After working there for a few months, I noticed while working early morning Day shifts, that the Janitor would come in and complain about the chairs being moved in the lobby, and the mess down the corridors by the jail facility. I just figured it had been a busy night in the jail and the lobby area. Later when assigned to work Graveyard shift at around 3:00 to 4:00 A.M. I would hear the chairs in the lobby move around. I would look out to see who was there, and never see anyone, but notice the chairs all moved about and in disarray.

After several nights of this, I began locking the offside lobby doors, to keep the prankster out, and try to keep the chairs neat. It still happened, and I never was able to catch the prankster that did it. At the time, I didn't go out and fix the chair positions, but mentioned it to one of the older Officers about how annoying it was, and I knew the Janitor would be annoyed again as well. He said, "Why don't you put them back next time and see what happens?" Smiled and walked away. Well, next time I went to work on shift, I decided I would do just that.

About 3:00 A.M. the chairs were moved again, and I heard them move. Quickly I ran out to the lobby to catch the prankster, and missed them again, but decided to push those heavy wooden chairs back into position. No sooner was I finished, and turning my back, the noise began again. I quickly turned around, sure to catch them this time (although I didn't hear the door open or see anyone), the chairs were moving by themselves (along with the hairs on my neck). I left them where they were this time. Later, I told the older Officer what had happened, and he smiled again and said "Yup, knew that would happen. Been happening in that lobby as long as I can remember being here, and that is a long time. Notice anything else odd in this building? You will if you are here long enough."

He was right about that. The water facet turned on by itself, keys jangled down the hall past the jail, and the back door opened and closed by itself. Usually about 3:00 to 4:00 A.M. every day. Until they put carpet in, you could hear boots going down the hall too.

No one really knew who the ghost or ghosts were. Some said it was one of the old Officers that had passed away, others said it was a prisoner that had hung himself in the jail. I wasn't convinced it wasn't several of them. After working enough Graveyard shifts, it didn't bother me anymore, and it was fun to let the younger ones come in and find out what happened on the late shifts.

I have since left the Department, the building has been renovated for other City offices, and a new Police Station built, so I don't know if this still occurs there or not.

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