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Haunted Rudolph

Texas, USA
June 2000

One day my friend, let's call her Laura, told me that she had had a strange experience.

She shared a room with her younger sister, and her sister had received a stuffed reindeer for Christmas that played the popular Christmas song,"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". We all thought it was very cute the way it's red nose lit up when it played the song.

Then one night about mid-March Laura said that some very strange things had happened to her. She said that one night about three o' clock in the morning, the reindeer went off and started to play the song. Laura was annoyed at first, so she got up to try to turn it off. She thought her sister probably kicked it and turned it on. Then when she got up she realized her sister couldn't have kicked it, because the reindeer was sitting on top of Laura's dresser. She thought that was strange, but she figured it was probably just a glitch in the battery. So Laura picked up the reindeer and put it on top of her desk, which is all the way across the room from her bed. Then about ten minutes later, the reindeer went off again, she looked up and the reindeer was back on the dresser. That's when she said she started getting scared. She got back under the covers and tried to go back to sleep, but then she moved her foot and felt something, she said it felt like a man was sitting on the edge of her bed. Then she looked up and no one was there. She jumped and ran downstairs to her parents bedroom. Her father was out of town, so her mother was the only one downstairs. Laura climbed into bed with her mother. She said the room all of the sudden just turned ice cold. Laura said she could see her breath. Then she felt a freezing hand brush across her face. She just pulled the covers up and tried to forget about it and go to sleep.

The next morning when her father came home, Laura told him everything that had happened, and they decided not to tell Laura's younger brother or sister. But Laura's father did put the reindeer away. Laura's younger brother never slept upstairs, and hadn't for about a year. Nobody really thought much about it before. Then Laura's father found out that before their family had moved in a woman had died in Laura's room. Laura didn't sleep in her room for about a month.

Then one night in June, we were all spending the night at Laura's house, there were four of us. It was about one o' clock in the morning and we had just turned the lights out, and we were about to drift off to sleep, when all of the sudden we hear da da dadum de dum dum, then I see the reindeer being thrown at the wall that we were right next to. Of course we all scream and run out of the room without touching the reindeer or anything else. Then about an hour later we all go back upstairs, and the reindeer is on top of the dresser, and no one has touched it. First it was weird because that reindeer is really hard to turn on, and Laura's father put it away after the first incident, and none of us knew where it was hidden. Also, we found out why Laura's brother won't sleep upstairs. He told his sister that he saw a pair of glowing red eyes staring at him in the middle of the night. I ask you,would you sleep in this haunted abode?

Texas, USA
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