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Haunted Shack

March 2001

It all started about 4 years ago when I was 9. My aunt had a cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico. If you've ever been there, you know what it looks like. But since a lot of people have never even heard about it, I'll try to explain it.

First of all it's in the middle of Lincoln National forest, so it's very "woodsy". It snows every winter, and the snow is still melting usually around the beginning of April.

It was the middle of January. It was the first time I had been to my aunts house, and my cousin wanted to show me this weird tree (interesting). We were going up a mountain when we saw what looked like and old outhouse. She (my cousin) went over to it and looked inside. There was and EXTREMELY old cot and a dead cat (yuck!). We were walking further up the mountain when it started to rain. (I was not about to go into that old shack. I heard a voice telling me not to,so it's not one of those stories, well not exactly) My cousin recalled seeing another old shack, but it was bigger and there was no dead cats, just a gravestone in the backyard. It was starting to pour, and I was just a stupid kid.

It was also a lot more inviting. I looked like it had been painted about 30 years before and it had an old, moth eaten couch, which was good enough. Anyways, it started snowing pretty hard, and I couldn't see anything outside without my glasses (I only wore them when I was forced to), but got worse when my cousin said she couldn't see anything either. It was getting pretty cold and we were starving. It was like a vision from heaven when I saw a full Mr. Goodbar that wasn't there before. We split the candy bar and after a while were hungrier and colder than ever. Just as we thought it was the end, when my cousin heard a sound like something being dropped outside. She looked out of a tiny window and saw wood! And once again, IT WASN'T THERE BEFORE! We went outside, got it and got the wood burning stove miraculously (?) started. The "blizzard" finally stopped and we went home.

We had been gone for 6hrs and they had called the police. We told them about the shack and everything. The only problem is no one had ever seen the shack and were mad at us for scaring them. After most of the people had left, an officer pulled my cousin aside and told her that he knew about the shack and he had spent the night in it during a snowstorm. Apparently, back in the 1920's a little girl got lost. They looked everywhere for her and found her dead in the first shack we saw. Many people after that had been found dead in that shack. Some people think that there was an old hermit\murderer that lived further up the mountain. They say he killed people and hid their bodies there. And, not surprisingly, a few days later, a mad, rambling old man came forward admitting to the murders. He said a little girl wouldn't leave him alone.

I never told anyone this, but I saw a little girl through the window when we were leaving.

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