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Haunted Shelter

Lenora, OK, USA
October 2006

I used to work at a Children's shelter some five or six years ago in my home state South Dakota. While working at this shelter there has been quite a few sightings of spirits by the staff and by the children in our care. I really didn't want anything to happen to me while I was there but I too had my share of creepy feelings, heard things, found items misplaced or heard them fall when no one was around.

Well, this one weekend I was at work alone with one child but was later overloaded with a family of six in the middle of the night. My co-worker hadn't showed up all that weekend. On the evening of Saturday I had all the children downstairs playing in the play room while I was doing laundry. Then the telephone rings, so I rush upstairs to answer and it was Social Services wanting to place another child but there was no room.
After the call, one of the children came running to me telling me that there was a man downstairs in the bathroom. I'm thinking that they let someone in just the few minutes I was gone, but the strange thing is that I hadn't heard the door shut being it was near by. So I went back downstairs. I found all the children standing around outside the bathroom. The bathroom door being slightly open but no lights on. I'm thinking there's going to be someone there so I slowly push the door open. Quickly, turning on the light. (This bathroom is small with shower, stool and sink) I'm scared, hoping not to see anyone and trying to be brave for children's sake.
My luck, there wasn't anyone there but a empty bathroom. I turn to tell the children there wasn't anyone there. They are all trying to talk at once telling me he's in the shower. He's peeking at us! Can't you see him? He's right there in front of you! I'm terrified thinking there just might be someone there but I sure don't want to see him. I try to stay as cool and brave as I could. Still assuring the children there isn't anyone. I turn away from the bathroom, shutting the light off and shutting the door behind. Out loud, I ask whoever it is to leave and quit bothering the children. I ask the children where the man came from? And they said from the wall, I asked if he was still around they said "No, he left when you told him to".
I then continued on with my laundry duties but still quite scared of what just happened.
Well, when I was just about ready to go upstairs and call the children to put up some of their toys. They all come running out of the room scared. We all took off upstairs. I asked what happened and they told me that the man from the wall came back and he was trying to be mean to them. I asked the older one of them all what happened. He said that the man came and he made one of the toy fire trucks go racing across the room and that he was scary looking.

I couldn't imagine what they had seen but I hoped not to see it myself. I then called the worker who was supposed to come in but wasn't able to. Nor could I find anyone to come in. I left all the lights on all night. Lucky for me, one of my relatives came and spent the rest of the weekend with us.
There has been a lot of other strange happenings at this shelter, it was also blessed by nuns and by a Spiritualist (Native American Medicine Woman). There was also sightings of a woman and little boy besides the man. I'm sure this shelter still has it's spooky happenings. But I'm definitely not going to go back and find out.

Lenora, OK, USA
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