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Haunted Subway Tunnels

January 2003

I had an unusual experience about five years ago, sometime in 1999. I was working a late shift and took the subway train home, which I did all the time, from Milton Station through to New Grange. The journey takes about half an hour and travels beneath the river Denn before reaching New Grange, my Grandad told me that the train also passes under St. Andrew's Cemetery too.

On the train home I 'd seen something that I've been unable to explain. As I was waiting for my train to arrive at the platform, I'm sure I saw a figure standing on the tracks in the shadow of the mouth of the tunnel, the 'apparition' was only there for a short period of time before fading into the darkness behind it, it looked more like a silhouette of someone real.

I thought that maybe it was a track repair man or someone who worked at the station, I couldn't make out any features but that's what spooked me, I never saw a face.

My train had arrived and I'd put the sighting out of my head thinking there was obviously some rational explanation, as any sceptic would in seeing something they can't quite explain.

During my journey, the train had stopped to a halt in the dark of the tunnel and the lights went out for several minutes. It was very unsettling and claustrophobic. The lights flickered back on, the train set off again. I still take the subway and have never seen anything unusual since, although there have been sightings of strange 'lights' in the tunnels and apparitions on the carriages!

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