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Haunted Tennessee Home

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt, GA, USA
April 2003

While pregnant with my second daughter in 1992 my husband and I were living with his parents in Goodlettsville Tennessee. I can even remember the address, it was Cynthis Trail I believe the house number was 610. My husband had just completed a 5 year tour in the United States Marine corps. and was looking for civilian employment.

We had a room in the top floor of his parents home. It was unfinished when they bought it, and now it was newly finished and beautiful.

One night as my husband and I and our first daughter (who was one and a half at the time) were sleeping I heard a sound that sounded like something sliding then a small "bump". Even though it sounded quite close, I shrugged it off. I figured it was his parents or his younger sister downstairs making noise as they weren't exactly quiet people! But then the noise happened again. Again I ignored it. I was tired, pregnant and my first daughter ran me ragged by day and I just wanted to SLEEP! Just as I was about to drift off again the noise returned, this time more aggressive as though it was trying to get my attention. I STILL ignored it, then suddenly the noise was extremely loud with noises like it overlapping and repeating themselves over and over and over in succession, LOUDLY! My husband and I both sat up in the bed at the same time, my daughter let out a scream and as my husband and I looked to the left we saw all the drawers in the bureau in the open position, then on thier own power they slammed shut!! Everything was still and quiet after the drawers shut themselves. Both my husband and I saw this with our own eyes. He being a Marine was not prone to be a person who believes in "spooks" but he saw it as plain as I did. I now know the "sliding and Bump" sounds were the rollers in the dresser drawers along with the noise (bump) of them closing.

If I hadn't seen those drawers (ALL OF THEM) close at one on thier own I would have NEVER believed it. I told my mother-in-law about the incident and she then came forward with stories of her own about footsteps and turning doorknobs. She said she never said anything because she wasn't sure and she didn't want to frighten any of us. My husbands older sister Cindy while visiting also saw a decorative hat move the was attached to one of the bedroom doors. Although there was no vent or air source near the hat, it flicked at the bottom she said as though a small child was trying to knock it from the nail that held it to the door.

I have OFTEN wondered if the people that bought the house after my mother and father in law sold it ever had any experiences. I would love to hear from them if they have and they read this. I am almost sure the address was 610 Cynthia Trail, but it may have been 910 Cynthia Trail. Let me tell all of you doubters who read this. What we saw was real and I will never doubt these things for a moment ever again!

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt, GA, USA
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