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Haunted Trailer Home

May 2001

In 1983, my mom moved into an old trailer, in the woods outside of a small town called Grand Ronde in Oregon.

To sum it up, here is a list of occurrences that happened to around 10 people in and around the land of the trailer in the woods:

1. I felt three fingers touch me on my back, a year later my brother felt a whole hand touch his back both happened in the back bedroom, in the exact same spot in broad daylight both times.

2. My ex-boyfriend was listening to music late at night, when he said the covers were ripped off of him.

3. Many people who stayed in the house, were awoken at 3:15 am and either felt a presence, or had just had a horrible nightmare.

4. My husband and I seen a whirring, black evil mist swirling around in the living room. It was like a mass of negative energy.

5. On the night the local sheriff came to tell my mother that my brother had died in Washington state, we pulled in the driveway and before we got out of our truck, someone knocked on it three times. The trailer was in the woods, and we knew there was no-one around, as we had just pulled up (the trailer sat on top of a hill).

6. The scariest moment I experienced was when my friend and I (we were around 16 at the time) were just hanging out and it was around 11 pm, and we heard this strange, loud, evil breathing coming closer and closer. We couldn't tell where it was coming from and soon it was if the entire trailer was breathing itself and it was as if the walls were themselves, taking deep, evil gasps of air. The voice was raspy and very very terrifying. My friend and I flew out of the house, and drove down to her parents house for the night. Not many people believed us, until around 7-8 years later, my other brother heard the exact same type of breathing. He is a very good hunter, and has a keen sense of hearing. He could not pinpoint the direction of the breathing, and said too, that it was if the whole trailer was breathing. He said it eventually went away. He said it was quite terrifying. I was just glad that finally someone else heard it too.

7. One night my husband and I were sleeping in the back of our pickup, under a canopy, and we heard & felt what seemed like a large bird land on the top of the truck and walk around with its talons clicking on the metal roof of the canopy. We never heard any wings flapping before it landed. We jumped out and there was nothing there and we didn't hear it fly away either.

8. One afternoon, my mom was alone at the trailer when she heard something strange outside. She opened the trailer door and sitting right next to her car was a giant bird. She said it was huge, around 4 ft tall and it was staring at her. She threw some rocks and potatoes at it, and even though she hit it a few times, it did not flinch. It finally flew down the path exactly of her driveway and down the road. She could hear its giant wings flapping as it flew away.

9. One sunny afternoon, my 2 year old son and I were going to go to the store, when we found both of our kittens dead. One was drowned in a pool of rainwater that had collected in a giant garbage pail, and the other apparently drowned too,but was on the ground next to the garbage pail. We hadn't heard any meows, or splashing water, and the pail is right outside the door. It was broad daylight, and the kittens were just fine not long before they died. What's weird too, is that the kitten we gave to the neighbour, from the same litter of kittens, also died mysteriously in their yard one day. They just found it dead with no marks on it.

10. The next door neighbour's (the one we gave the kitten to), son died mysteriously in his sleep of a heart condition they did not know he had. He was only 16.

11. On Halloween night in 1992 it was a dark, very rainy, very windy night and my brother was alone at the trailer. He was awoken to the sound of my recently deceased brother's radio going on full blast in the middle of the night. He got up and turned it off, but was creeped out by it, and couldn't sleep after that.

12. My mom couldn't sleep with her light off in her bedroom, because when she did, something would come and sit on her chest and try choking her sometimes. She would have dreams that she was wrestling with something and that they would fall on the floor, and she would wake up in her bed ok. If she left the light on, nothing bad would happen. She also would feel the presence of someone or something standing in her doorway when the light was off.

13. One night, my husband and I were sitting on the tailgate of our pickup talking, when we heard someone talking at the end of the driveway, at the bottom of the hill. The person sounded like he or she was alone, and was saying incantations or chanting rhythmically. We went in the house.

14. One day, my brother was sleeping in my mom's room while she was at work because that was the only bed in the house and he has just flown in from New Mexico for a visit. While he was sleeping, he heard someone walk down the hall right past the bedroom. (There's no door to the room) it woke him up and when he woke up, he could still hear the tail end of the footsteps reaching the end of the hall. There was no-one there, and my Mom was at work and did not return at all until later that evening, so it wasn't her nor anyone else.

15. One night, we were going to drive down to the local store, and we noticed a small, red light, like a beam standing about 4-5 ft. tall facing the house from the back, in the woods. We couldn't see anything around it, only a small, red laser-like beam, glowing in the woods, where we know there are no lights like that, only trees and shrubs.

This trailer is gone, but there is another house there now. It was a very terrifying experience living there and I am anxious to talk to the latest inhabitants on that land. We lived there for 14 years.

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