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Haunted TV Station

Lisa, MA, USA
October 2000

My husband works at a local community access television station. To begin, the building was previously a car garage, and before that, a car dealership where my husband's grandfather used to work. I met my husband at the TV studio, where my mom had a show. I tagged along and met him there. Anyway, on with the story.

The building is a one story place with offices and a studio, etc. I have always considered myself being psychic, but shrugged off the creepy feelings I had at the station. Most of the time I felt that I was being watched, but didn't think much of it.

One night, my husband (who was only my boyfriend up until this month) had to finish up editing a program. After he finished, we sat down on a couch in one of the meeting rooms. I was feeling sort of creeped out, it being late and all, and I have "super-sonic" hearing. After sitting for a while, I heard whispering. "Listen-hear the voices in the vents?" I joked with my husband. He told me to stop because I was creeping him out. I thought that because it was windy out, the vents were making bizarre noises, but the more I listened, it sounded like people talking in another room, and it was carrying through the vents. After that I suggested it was time to go home.

After this incident, my husband said that a holistic healer was doing a show, and pointed over into the far corner of the studio, and said to him, "That's where the spirits hang out." After she had said that, all of the station volunteers started sharing their stories.

Most have heard whistling and keys rattling, but one of the workers said that while she was editing, she went across the hall to get another video tape. When she returned, a small rectangle shaped clock was turned over onto it's side. Weird, but not scary.

An old secretary said that after a volunteer passed away, she would come in in the morning and hear the sound of video editing in one of the rooms where and when he used to edit. Again, weird, but not real scary.

A larger and creepier incident came when two of my husband's co-workers had stayed late to finish up some stuff. As they were in the office getting ready to leave, they saw a ball of light at the back of the office, which then shot straight at them. Then it was time for them to leave!

After hearing these and a few other stories, I thought that it just seemed like spirits with ties at that building just liked to hang out, but there are particular hallways I don't really like, (I feel like "something" is watching me) and I don't like looking into the windows from outside just in case "something" looks back. Other than that, I had not had any experiences up until about a year ago.

After finishing a Christmas shoot, and everyone had gone home, my husband and I stuck around. While he locked up, I sat on the set in the dark studio waiting for him to finish. I looked up at the doorway to the studio, lit from the lobby's lights, and I saw a shadow and outline of the side of a short man with a hat on. I kept looking and didn't feel scared, but sort of indifferent, more so like we were both "sizing each other up." When my husband returned, he flicked on the lights, and I told him what happened. He said his grandfather used to wear a hat like that. And, creeped out, we left.

Another night, I had come to the station, and was feeling sick. I laid on a piano bench that was in the studio. My husband was off doing whatever while I was half asleep, and I heard whistling and keys in the next hallway (one of the ones I don't really like.) I called out "Hey, honey?" and got no response, so I figured he didn't hear me. When I saw him later, he said no one had been in that hall.

The last incident I experienced happened a few months ago, and frightened me pretty good. My husband had to return around 11:00 to punch in the next day's programming that he hadn't done earlier. As he was retrieving the video tapes, he gave me his keys and asked me to unlock the door to the hallway I don't particularly like. As I opened the door, I heard a man and a woman talking. It was quite loud, yet I couldn't make out what they were saying. After a few moments of trying to make out what they were saying, I heard a loud creepy laugh come from the man, and I bolted back to my husband. There is a TV in that hallway, and I hoped that it was on as I told him what I had heard. As we went down the hall together, there were no voices anymore, and the TV was unplugged and off.

My husband doesn't seem to be bothered by the ghosts that appear to be in the building. Although he wouldn't know a ghost if it bit him in the foot, he claims that he feels that they like him, and has only experienced occasional keys rattling. I on the other hand, being super sensitive, am waiting to see what happens next. We've decided that one night we should set up video cameras up and see what we can pick up in hallways and studio. But like I said, I think the spirits are just hanging out in a place they used to, and the staff and volunteers just happen to cross paths with them now and then.

Lisa, MA, USA
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