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Haunted Vacation

Kristen, Kansas, USA
August 2000

My family and I have, for several years now, frequented a popular vacation spot. It is a very lovely place, and very historical. This history is intrical, in fact to the events I am about to relay.

One year we stayed at this century old hotel that was built sometime around the middle to late 1880's. It was a grand hotel for several years, then around the turn of the century was made into a hospital and then later a girl's school and dormitory.

Mush later it was turned back into a hotel and has undergone much renovation to restore it to its original grandeur. So, my family and I stayed for a week at this hotel. One evening, my brother and I were swimming in the outdoor hotel pool. Suddenly, I looked up at the back of the hotel and noticed a woman standing in one window, looking back at me. Noticing I had stopped swimming, my brother followed my gaze and also spotted the lady in the window. I noted that her hair was pulled up in a bun on top of her head and her shirt had a high necked white collar but that was all I could see of her. We turned to each other and when we looked back, the lady had left. We were the only ones in the pool at the time, and were kind of wiered out that someone was staring at us, but shrugged it off and soon forgot it.

The next evening, my parents and brother and I had piled into our car to search for something to eat. As we drove off, I looked up at the full floor-to-ceiling windows that were at the edge of the hall that led to our room. Standing the next floor up, was the same lady that had watched my brother and I swim the day before. This time we could see her fully. She was wearing a high necked, long sleeve white dress that reached the floor and her hair was pulled up on the top of her head, the same as the day before. My brother said "Hey, isn't that the lady we saw yesterday?" as we drove away. This time, same as the last, she seemed to be staring at us.

We all felt like it was rather odd that someone be wearing a dress like that in July, but my father said it was probably just someone dressed up to fit the historical era of the hotel. The next day, as we checked out of the hotel, my mother enquired why they hadn't seen any more historically dressed people around. At the hotel clerk's quizical look, she went on to describe our experience. The lady told us that the wing that is opposite the pool was currently closed for renovation and not open for any one, as construction was halted for a while. She went on to say that the lady we had described has been seen by several people, over the last forty years.... and the room directly above us was a room that reports of strange happenings have come from ever since the hotel had first been renovated.

Kristen, Kansas, USA
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