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Haunting: A Definite Understatement

July 2003

When most people hear the word haunting they think of a sheetlike, legless creature that causes trouble in someone's life. In this case though haunting is a very large understatement.

One night I went into the bathroom, preparing to take a bubble bath as I usually did on Friday evenings. This ritual was to remind myself that I was a young, single woman with absolutely no life outside of work. As I poured the bubbles into the tub I noticed that the faucet (metal piping) was fogging up as though someone was breathing on it. I tried to convince myself that it was just the warm water which would have worked if the fog hadn't disappeared and then reappeared in a cycle.

I sat just watching, and then still trying to convince myself it was just steam from the water, I dipped into the tub. As hot as the water was the second I lay down in it a chill sent me nearly jumping out. Before I could jump out something, I could only feel and not see, pulled at my leg leaving 3 claw-like scars on my ankle and pulling me hard back into the water.

I guess I must have been knocked unconscious when I was pulled back because I woke up still in the tub with my head barely above water.

When I did come to, my whole body was covered in bruises and bleeding thrashes. I eventually got the courage to stand up and try to get out of the tub again. It was very hard, being as sore as I was, but I made it without ever feeling the presence or being attacked again.

To this day I have no idea of what it might have been that attacked me so brutally because I didn't stay long enough to find out. But that memory is burned into my mind.

Many psychiatrists and therapists have said that it was all my imagination and I must have been reliving some painful childhood experience. I am no doctor but I know better than that. Although I'm not sure what it was I do know that haunting is a definite understatement!

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