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Haunting At A Friends House

Kat, TN, USA
September 2001

My friend Annie's house is haunted, without a doubt.

A lot of times she'll wake up in the middle of the night and hear footsteps. One night she heard footsteps out on the landing and thought someone was up. She got up to investigate and found that her parents were still asleep in bed. She checked in her brother, Don's, room and her sister, Maggie's room, but they were both asleep. Annie went back to bed, but she continued hearing footsteps. She heard the footsteps go downstairs and start walking around. Again, Annie got up to investigate. She walked around but there was no one in any of the rooms, when she got to the back door (there are two doors instead of one here) one was open, but the one in front of it was shut and locked, and Annie's parents always locked both. Annie went back up to bed, and pretty soon she heard the footsteps coming back up the stairs.

They walked around the landing and then came into her room. She pulled the covers up over her head and held her breath. Whatever it was eventually walked back out onto the landing and Annie went back to sleep.

A few weeks ago, I spent the night at Annie's house. We stayed up watching movies until around midnight and everyone else in her house had gone to sleep. Annie prepared me a place to sleep in a big comfy chair that was in her room, and then she went to sleep. I however stayed awake. You see the chair in Annie's room is right across from the doorway onto the second floor landing. The door was open, because Annie's not allowed to close it (it's to hard to re open). I could feel something staring at me, but I couldn't see anything. It took me about two hours to go to sleep.

When I told Annie the next morning, she told me she'd felt the exact same thing whenever she slept in the chair across from the door. Well that's all I have to tell for now.

Kat, TN, USA
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