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Haunting My Life

Sarah, KY, USA
January 2006

I've always been I guess what people would call 'sensitive'. I've always lived in a haunted house. No matter where I go, I have at least one spirits that follows me. I've had several experiences with the paranormal. But my house that I live in now has to be the most 'haunted' house that I've ever lived in.

From the first day that we moved in we always knew that our house was haunted. My mom like myself is a sensitive and as soon as we saw the house we fell in love with it. Ghosts and all.

All was quiet when we first moved in 3 years ago, (November 2002) my mom was pregnant with my now 2 1/2 year old brother, shortly after he was born, we would always hear a baby laughing when he was asleep, and sometimes a baby crying, of course we'd go in and see if my brother had woken up, and like always he was sound asleep.

One day I was home from school either because I was sick or because I had it off, but I was in the kitchen making something to eat, and my mom and brother were in her room taking a nap, when one of his toys went off for no reason. As I said before that we always knew that our house was haunted, but my boyfriend had tried to convince my step- brother that our basement (his room) is haunted. Shortly after my boyfriend told him that that's when the noises and the shifting lights started. It always sounds as though an adult is walking around upstairs every night at around 3 A.M. now, the first couple nights they thought that it was me, having gotten up and gone to the restroom. But of course I like most SANE people was asleep in my nice warm bed.

We have several ghosts in our house, one is a mother and her child, in Feb 2004 my best friend had her daughter over at our house so that we could watch some movies and hang out and she didn't have to worry about getting a babysitter. Besides Lexi (her daughter) could always play with my brother. Well after about an hour of playing with the baby and holding her and what not she finally went to sleep. We put her in her car seat and set her in the hallway (We were in the living room and had the TV up a little loud so we didn't want to wake her.) Now my best friend and I had gone through the hall several times, either to get something to drink or to check on the baby. Well when she woke up we found that someone had placed her pacifier in her mouth while she was sleeping. While there were other people in the room with us, none of them had left, I didn't put her pacifier in her mouth and her mom didn't either. So of course I figured mom did it, but when I went down to the basement to ask her, she said that she hadn't been up since Lexi went to sleep. Now this might seem strange to you, but to put things into perspective, Lexi was 6 months old, she couldn't really hold her bottle by herself. There was no way that a 6 month old baby could locate her pacifier in the folds of her blanket and stick it in her mouth.

The next experience isn't so innocent. Several times we've come home to find that our front door is locked, we live in a relatively small town so we don't really worry about locking it when we just step out during the day. No one else was at home so we knew that no one had locked it. When we tried our keys none of them would work! I searched for a few minutes until finally I had dug mine out of my purse and was able to unlock it! The next time we went on vacation to see my cousin get married, the door was locked and NONE of the keys would work this time. They also turn on the water in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

I know they don't do MOST of the things to be mean, but they can get a little annoying.

These are my stories with the paranormal. I hope you like them!

Sarah, KY, USA
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