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Haunting on Alabama Street

Bilin, Los Angeles, USA
April 1998

Well first of all this story is very true. It started when a 16 year old girl got pregnant then got married and moved into her husbands grandmothers home. It was an old house in New Orleans. It all started out ok then after a few weeks of marriage my husband felt he was too young to sit at home and do nothing so he decided he would go out with his friends. Well he did and left his wife by herself. His grandmother had already left to go spend a few days with her son. The young girl could not think of anything to do but watch television. As she was watching television she started feeling like she was being watched. Not knowing why she started to get goosebumps and chills. She ran to her room and locked the door behind her and went to her bed and sat there until her husband came home. As soon as he came home she told him all about it. He told her how he had heard before how things had happened around there.

Well time went on and everyday it was the same thing. It would always feel like someone was watching and whenever her husband would go out she would go to her room, lock her door and wait till her husband came home. After a while something happened when her husband went to go get something from the kitchen as he was walking down the hallway he heard footsteps that sounded like fast little clicking sounds. As his heart started pounding he kept walking to the kitchen. As he went to grab a box of cereal off the fridge he looked at his grandmother asleep on the sofa in the living room. Still he was hearing the footsteps. He was so afraid at this point he walked as fast as he could out of the kitchen and down the hallway but the faster he walked it was almost impossible to get away from it. Then he came running through the doorway and quickly closing the door behind him. When I looked at him he was as pale as a ghost. I then asked him what was it that could've been going on?. We both looked at each other and shrugged. Things was getting worse, my little brother came to spend the night and claimed to hear scratching on the wall. At night we would get to sleep pretty comfortable but, in the morning we'd be drenched in our own sweat. We found out that someone or something had been turning the heat as high as it would go. It was horrible it was always blamed on me. The worst thing that happened there was when we had just gotten home. I went walking through the hallway. I got to our room and I stared talking with my husband. Four pictures started falling from the wall not all at the same time, one at a time and in order. It was so weird. I can honestly say the best thing to happen there was when we moved out.

Bilin, Los Angeles, USA
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