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Haunting on Stokes Ferry Road

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
April 2009

The House That I have lived in since 2000 is haunted. We live on Stokes Ferry Road in Salisbury North Carolina, our home has been here for close to 90 years, it has been added onto so this could have started everything. When we moved in a neighbor told us that there had been a murder in this house about 30 years before, we thought nothing of it, we've lived in haunted houses before, so we just sat back and waited for the fun to start.

Two weeks after we got settled in our daughter, she was 18 years old, started yelling for me to come into her room. When I walked in she was on the bed that sat against the far wall from the door, the dresser sat by the door, there in the center of the room a black beany baby bear floated in the air. There was nothing touching it while it made its way across the room to settle on the desk. I was speechless, it was my first visual contact with anything unexplained.

Things seemed to pick up after that, anyone that sleeps in the bed in the middle bedroom alone gets a bed companion. The old lady actually gets in the bed with you. She loves to break things when there is arguing going on so I have had lots of dishes broken with 3 Teenagers in the house, our oldest son was away at College. She seems to have attached herself to my daughter Erin, she is now 26 and is visited nightly.

One evening when my youngest son had been out with some friends and came home with a cigarette burn on his face, I had the strangest thing happen to me. While Richie excitedly explained where the burn came from I began to see lights flashing across the ceiling. I kept stopping him asking if he saw the lights, finally he left the room saying he thought I had lost my mind. I personally think it was my father, Richie is my youngest son and my dad's favorite and since he died in 2001, this occurred in 2008, I believe he was here showing how angry he was.

There are so many strange things that happen here I could go on forever but I've run out of time. Until next time. Kim

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
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