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Hauntings of My Houses (2008-2009)

Marilyn, NC, USA
July 2009

I'm a 14 year old girl and have had many experiences in my lifetime. I have had many with my friends Katie and A.J, but I will only tell three one of me at my dad's house with Katie and A.J, one at my mom's that no one knows of and one that was my 18 year old brother's experience.

Okay my first experience happened when I was 13 years old; I was at my dad's house having a sleepover with Katie and A.J it was August of 2008 and we are all into ghosts and the supernatural. I've told many stories to Katie and A.J of my experiences at my dad's newly built house. I told them that doll's eyes seem to follow you, unexplained tapping and knocking and shadows/full apparitions you can see. I've also told them that my step-brother Kyle's room has the most activity in the house. About an hour after we got home from the school's 'Welcome Back Dance' it was dark and we went to Kyle's room with my camera, shut the door and turned off the lights. We started asking questions to the spirits, told them to tap once for yes and twice for no. Katie then asked to make a loud noise and nothing happened. We have been in there for an hour and nothing has happened. I was really ticked off because they usually make a lot of noise so I yelled out, "'Why?! Why won't you make any noise!? You're nothing! Nothing but a wimp and you won't do anything!'" I knew it was bad to provoke a spirit but I had to. The response for me was painful and for Katie and A.J loud. At first in response was a loud bang from behind us and we were upstairs alone and leaned against the headboard of the bed. We were frozen with fear and then I felt a burning sensation on my left shoulder and I yelled at the top of my lungs and jumped up. At the same time I jumped up we saw a dark figure emerge from behind the bed at the spot where I was sitting. Katie and A.J asked what was wrong and I told them that something burned my shoulder. We went to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see if anything was on my shoulder from the burn and boy was there. On my left shoulder blade was a huge hand print that went from the top of my shoulder down passed my shoulder blade. Katie, A.J. and I all agreed never to provoke a spirit again.
Now my second story. I was heading to bed at my mom's house and it was really hot in my room so I opened one of my windows like I usually do on hot nights and at about 2:00am I felt something crawl on the end of my bed and stay there. At first I blew it off thinking that I was dreaming and about 5 minutes later I woke up again and felt that same presence in the same spot, so I looked up and saw this black figure and it was crouched on my bed and then jumped out the window! I looked at the window and then saw a huge tear in it, the figure almost cut the entire screen out and it's still there.
Now my last story. My brother had woken up early one morning before the sun was up and went to his crank his jeep up to warm it up. He was about to go hunting with my dad and had to meet him since he was at my mom's. When he went outside he saw this black figure sitting by the chicken house on the cinder block. Bradley shook it off saying his eyes were playing tricks on him since it was dark. He sat in his jeep a while afraid to look back because he knew that if he did that thing would show up in front of him. He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that it was still there just looking at him! He got out of his jeep and looked at the thing, it had stood up! He was so freaked that he went inside and shut and locked the door. He decided to watch it from the kitchen window and it walked to the window to follow him! He went to his room locked the door and decided that it would be best for him to go back to sleep and forget the whole thing.

Marilyn, NC, USA
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