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Hawaii Wasn't Always Paradise

December 2004

Ok I'll give you a little background first...

It seems as though I have "the sixth sense", I can see really weird things. Anyway this is when I was living in Oahu. Besides all the dirt and un welcoming churches we had ghosts to deal with.

I guess the first thing that was really weird was when we had a Kahuna come over to bless the house. Something must have been going on because when she went into the kitchen she burst into tears and started saying "Pat you be ok, Libby you be ok..." It seems we had what we called "the curse in the kitchen". For example mom got this solid brown stuff and when she opened it it turned to liquid and burst onto all her white cabinets and her floor... Also she got a toe infection that doctors couldn't explain. Then something really bad happened...
She was diagnosed with breast cancer and this comes to my next experience, one I will never forget...

I was in her bathroom combing my hair when I noticed some black in the mirror. Being a skeptic I turned to see it.
She (yes I could tell it was a girl) was all black you could see the out line of long hair, nose, mouth and a dress (you couldn't see the feet and she seemed to float) but everything else was muddled. She turned the corner and disappeared but thats not the end. The next night my parents saw her pass through the hall without them knowing I had seen it.

We took this as a blessing because my mother outwitted breast cancer and is alive, well and healthier then ever today.

Dedicated to my sweet mom and anyone else who has endured breast cancer.

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