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He's Watching My Daughter

Melanie, NY, USA
February 2002

My story isn't very long but it is interesting.

In 1998 I became very close to a male cousin of mine. My cousin was 35 years old and was outcast by my family because of a drug addiction he had for 20 years. His mother ( my aunt) was hospitalised and she asked me to watch over him as she knew I would be good to him.

My cousin and I didn't really speak much before that because of his life style (he was embarrassed).

I cooked for him, cleaned, washed his clothes, baked him cakes, and most of all spent time with him and talked with him for hours. I really enjoyed his company. No one in the family had ever given him a chance and he loved me and I respected for it.

We began to spend all our time together going to clubs, and watching Yankee games, and going for walks. I felt that I was keeping him out of trouble. When my aunt came home from the hospital she was happy to find I had not shunned him like the rest of the family had.

My cousin and I had developed a bond that could not be broken, he was my everything, I loved him Very much.

I moved from the building (we all lived in the same building, owned by my aunt). My cousin was arrested in June of 98 and and was released in December of that year. (I vowed to not be the same with him as he had let me down). He called my house on Dec 27, 1998 to wish me a Merry Christmas and I was not home. He told my mom that he really loved me and I was his favorite cousin because I treated him as a person and not a leper. His addiction was not a threat to me and I loved him regardless.

When I got home my mom told me that poochie (our name for him) called and when she told me what he said I knew he was not ok. I told my mother I was going to visit him on my day off which was in 2 days (that being a Monday). I was off Wednesday.

The following day I was in a friends house after work and mom called she said Mel, come home I have bad news. I knew right away something was wrong with him. I went home and mom told me he died. Feeling the need to be with my aunt I went to see her she told me that all my cousin talked about was me, I was the light of his life.

My cousin died of a drug overdose, I think he killed himself because he told me that if he were to ever find out he had aids he would kill himself, and I strongly believe he did.

I had a horrible time coping with his death, shortly after I dreamt of him and he told me in my dream that he would always watch over me and protect me.

I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl 2 years later and my daughter whose almost 2 was going to sleep one day and she looked at me and smiled a beautiful smile and said "Poochie". Sine then she says it everyday and I know he is watching us and protecting us.

My daughter often laughs in her sleep and calls his name and I know he is with us.

I have been in a lot of dangerous situations and he always brings me home to my baby safely. So I do believe in life after death and guardian angels because I know he is my daughters guardian and he will always be my Angel.

Thanks for reading

Melanie, NY, USA
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