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He Finally Got To See Me

Molly, CA, USA
February 2005

All (or most) teenagers get into the paranormal at one point in their life right? My story is about when my friends and I were interested (we still are) in it. Now here's some background info.

My friends and I were all into Wicca when this happened. So we knew what we were doing and we have all had our own experiences before.

It was All Hallow's Eve 2004. My friends and I set up a circle of candles with one big black candle in the middle, in my friend Victor's garage. We made a pentagram out of incense candles. We lit the black candle. "Who should we call upon?" my friend Victor asked us. "My uncle Harold. He died. It would be nice to talk to him.", I said. So Victor asked me his full name and we started the seance.

After a while of asking him questions like if he missed my dad (his favorite nephew) and if he thought I looked like him (he said yes), my best friend Raquel, who was sitting by me, put her hand on my leg. She pointed at the candle and said "I just saw something...". We all watched the candle smoke. The smoke spelled out "U R N DANGER". We were a little scared but thought nothing of it, thinking Harold was just joking around. But then my friend Jade felt someone stab her literally in her back. She started crying and Victor asked Harold if he did anything. The smoke said "NO". After that went away and we calmed Jade down, Victor and I saw a big black shadow in the corner of the garage. It was huge, at least 9 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It had no distinct shape. We all watched it and then it vanished. As we sat in silence, Victor gasped and pointed at the dryer. We looked and saw it again, this time, it looked like it was sitting on the dryer, just watching us. Raquel started to freak out and said she felt something grab her heart and squeeze it. We looked at the shadow and it disappeared.

I looked at the candle and asked "Harold, why are you hurting my friends?". The smoke made a question mark. After Raquel calmed down, we found out that Jade's mom was on her way over to pick her up.
When Jade's mom came, we all left except for my friend Lindsey. She stood at the doorway to make sure no one blew out the candles. We said our goodbyes, and walked to the garage. I hear Lindsey yell "Oh My God!". We looked in the garage and every single candle was blown out, including the black one. No one went into the garage because Lindsey was standing in the doorway and the garage door was closed. There was no wind that night. We were scared but we lit every candle again and asked Harold if he did it. He said no. Then my friends were all quiet and staring at something behind me. That instant I felt someone gently grab my arm, as a friend. I turned around but didn't see anything.

Then Victor's mom came in the garage and told us to go inside. So we blew out each candle and gently put everything away.

That night we were talking about what happened. I asked my friends why they were staring behind me. They each told me that they saw an older man standing behind me and was staring at me. When they described what the man looked like, it was a spitting image of what my uncle Harold looked like. They said that when he was looking at me, he had a smile on his face and he was crying. Crying of happiness. We came to a conclusion that he was crying because he finally got to see me, since he died one week before I was born.

I asked my dad what Harold thought when he found out my mom was going to have me. He said that he was so excited and couldn't wait. But he had a stroke and died one week before. Ever since, when I go into Victor's garage, I hear someone sniffle, like they were crying.

Thanks for reading.

Molly, CA, USA
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