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He Liked Things Neat and Tidy

Dawn, WA, USA
March 2004

The paranormal is drawn to my family, particularly my mother's side of the family, more specifically the women in the family, though my brothers have seen strange happenings and apparitions as well. My younger sister, who is now 13 years old, appears to be in the closest contact with "the other side" which is sometimes rather impressive in itself.

From the time I was little I remember paranormal things happening in my life, even before they were openly discussed in my presence, and after I moved from Utah to Washington I had yet another to add to my collection that was my very own.

We staid in a motel for three days upon our arrival in this state while we located a place to live everything went fine in the motel, as fine as can be expected with 3 kids and 2 animals trapped in a small motel room. After we moved into our new apartment everything seemed to be fine as well. We all slept in the living room for the first little while, until we got some furniture and our belongings were delivered. Still, everything was fine.

The day we had furniture delivered from one of those rental places things got a little screwy, I started feeling cold spots, and having nightmares in the bedroom. If I slept on the couch I slept soundly, these things only happened in the master bedroom.

However, one night about 2 weeks after moving into this apartment, I was up late (yet again lol) with one of the kids and I ended up sleeping on the couch. I leaned over to turn off the lamp in the corner and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye standing in the hallway. I looked in that direction and saw nothing but a large vanity mirror leaning on the wall, I shrugged and leaned over to turn off the lamp again thinking it was just my reflection in the mirror. I saw him again, I waited to turn off the light while I got a better look at him from the corner of my eye. Average height, slightly heavyset, thinning hair. He was dressed in clothes that I've seen men walking around in today, though they were a little outdated. My first thought was that someone had entered my home, but it took only a second to realize he hadn't been there when I looked directly at him.

I turned off the light and settled onto the couch and just as I closed my eyes a small plastic bowl I had used to feed my cat bounced off my head. Now in order for that to happen... The bowl would have had to of come out of the sink, and been thrown or carried across the room from the kitchen which was a good 16 feet of space to cover. The sink still had dinner dishes in it so I'm just glad it was the least dirty dish that hit me in the head! I said, "OK! I'll do the dishes in the morning, can I get some sleep now?!" all was quiet once again.

Everything staid quiet as long as I kept up with the dishes and the rest of the house, when the house got "untidy" he made himself known. My children talked about a man who watched them in their room, which startled me at first. Now either there is someone on a ladder outside watching through the window (which was about 10 feet off the ground) or there was someone in the house. Obviously the second was my only option. I don't know where the man came from or why he was there. There was a house next door that had to be demolished because it was falling apart, and on the other side was an empty foundation.

The woman moving into the apartment next door to me brought her dog to check out the apartment and the dog was very excited as she went up the stairs to the apartment, but as she got to the door she stopped and resisted against her leash. She tucked her tail between her legs and sat down whimpering refusing to go any further. The woman had to pick the dog up (which was no small feat, this dog was rather large) and carry her inside.

Gladly, whoever the man is, he staid in that building and didn't follow us when we moved out! I just hope that new tenant keeps her floors vacuumed and her dishes done or he'll make himself known to her as well!

The other experience I had in that apartment came the day we were nearly finished packing to move out. I was picking up misc. things from the living room and putting them in a box and I glanced at the window. In the reflection of the window I could see myself, the furniture in the living room, and my cat walking across the coffee table.

What struck me as odd was the glimpse of a small boy walking away from the window. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and dark blue jeans, exactly how my 6 year old was dressed and he was a mirror image of my son walking away from the window, but my son was sitting on the corner of the couch that I couldn't see in the window playing a game, he hadn't moved. I opened the window and looked outside, there was no one. I even went outside and looked all around the building there was no one outside. The only person in my field of vision dressed the way that little boy was dressed was my son who hadn't moved.

Dawn, WA, USA
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