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He Never Got My Mum, But He Almost Got Me!

Rebecca Thompson, Lincolnshire, UK
December 2002

This all happened about 3 years ago and to this day i was to shocked and disturbed to tell someone about it. Reading the stories here have helped me understand that I can talk about it.

It was July 12th in the year 1999 and I was walking home from school, when I felt a really strange presence drawing close behind me. I turned, but saw nothing. I dismissed it but it happened the next day and the next. I was getting really scared by this and often felt the urge to run or to do something terrible, such as throw myself into the road, or smash a bottle on the ground and carry it with me.

I never told my mother about this as I was worried that she would think me insane.

The next day, I went over to a friends house and didn't leave her house till at least 10, meaning it was dark. This made things worse. The place was deserted, because everyone was inside watching a football match or something, all I know was that I was realy worried.

I started walking home and I felt cold. This was the first thing that was weird and it was an absolutely boiling hot day and it was the hottest night of the year. I was walking along and this time I actually felt something pressing into the back of my neck. I froze, hoping that my imagination was playing tricks on me. I stood deathly still for at least 10 minutes, hardly daring to breathe. That was when I felt the "thing" or whatever it was that was behind me saying my name. It hissed it and said it with such hatred it shook my soul. I felt the pressure subside and that was when I saw "it." It was transparent, but it had piercing red eyes and I felt sick to my stomach to see it. It was hideous. I realised that it had a broken bottle in its hand and that was the pressure I had felt. I broke into a sprint hoping to escape the monster but I fell. The thing caught me and held me down. I saw a grin on its now skeletal face. I screamed and it let me go.

After getting my breath back I sat up and saw the thing disappearing across the road. I ran home as soon as I had the energy and told my mum that I had stubbed my toe, hence the reason I had a tearstained face.

I went to the library the next day and went to the local history section to see if there was anything that could explain my experience. After an hour or so looking through old papers I found my little breakthrough. Almost 20 years ago, in the very place I was "attacked" a notorious child murderer rampaged the streets. A little girl was supposed to be his newest addition of his killings, which would have made the total 15 at least. The little girl screamed and he let her go, because she cried for her mother and then said that as long as he made it quick she would die happy. Because of this he ran off, possibly not wanting to kill someone that would accept death? I read on and the murderer ran off and was hit by a car. He was killed almost straight away. I read on, trying to find the little girls name and I did . Her name was Andrea. Andrea mother.

I was too shocked to say anything and passed out through worry. I have no doubt that the killer wanted to kill me as revenge. I never walk home that way any more, or at least when I'm on my own.

Thanks for reading.

Rebecca Thompson, Lincolnshire, UK
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