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He Said It's OK And He Approved

Constance, NY, USA
July 2007

In 2003 I met an amazing guy who is now my husband. About one month after we started dating my grandfather passed away. My boyfriend then attended the funeral with me and stayed with me the whole night after that. The next morning after the funeral we had to attend the burial and once we did that we went to breakfast (my boyfriend went with me).

During breakfast we made a toast to my grandfather when all of a sudden I dropped my glass and it broke, water went all over (it felt like my whole arm went numb). Shaking it off we got it all cleaned up and I got a new glass of water. Earlier that day I was with Brandon (my boyfriend) I started to get sick to my stomach and got dizzy and fainted. Brandon took me to the Emergency Room where I was hooked up to an IV and given oxygen. I finally came too, and couldn't understand why this was happening. The doctor said it was because I had become so overwhelmed that all this happened.

When I was released and sent home I spent the day in bed resting and gaining strength. That night I was reading a book when my lights went out. I turned them back on and continued reading. Not even two minutes later my light went out again. By now I got freaked out and I heard my name. By now I'm scared and I screamed for Brandon, and he came running into my room and held onto me until I fell asleep.

Around midnight I woke to someone calling my name and a cold wind on my arm. Sitting up I asked who was there, and the second I turned my head to my door I saw my grandfather standing in my room. I screamed for Brandon again and when he came into my room he saw me under my covers screaming and crying saying don't hurt me. After about twenty minutes I finally calmed down and went back to sleep, but not for long. I heard my name and sat up again. My grandfather had come back and this time sat on my bed. I went to scream, but he quickly silenced me. My grandfather said, "Don't be scared I don't mean to hurt you. I wanted to tell you I'm proud of you and I approve of Brandon". After him saying this he left and all I could hear was him say "I Love You", and once again I called for Brandon, and he came running into my room (by now it was 3:00 in the morning) I told Brandon everything and he smiled and now we are happy and married, and not a day goes by that I don't think about that night and what my grandfather said.

He still visits to this day and every time he does I just smile and say "I Love You Too".

Constance, NY, USA
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